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OK, you have probably seen the scenes of horrible playgrounds going around but what is up with this childlike cthulhu?!? It's got to be some artists statue that they just posed the kid on.
My favourite personal annecdote from living in Montreal was when the Raelians (alien sex cult) passed by the Hare Krishna's on Ste Catherine. I was convinced that both groups were looking at each other thinking, "Freaks !!"
Really, I once again repeat, "The Japanese can be quite odd at times.
OK, the internet is officially weird. Magibon is a YouTube channel where this (21 year old) cutie stares at you bashfully. Is it just everyday pervie or some weird japanese thing? A little of column A and a little of column B, as my new favourite saying goes.
OK, you have heard of Morgellens, right? It's the disease where you start itching, then you get red sores and finally wirey little growths start appearing on you, sort of like dermatological fibre optic cabling. But did you know that it is a sign of End of Days? Fucking freaks.
Wow. Japanese girls really like to complicate their fashion sense. Imagine if we could categorize NA girls this way? I mean, we can definitely play on the various punk girl styles but what the average fashionable types?
At first I saw the post about Cringeworthy animated rip-offs and then I remembered that cashing in on stupid people believing these cheap imitations to be the real thing, is quite common in the entertainment world. Just look at your DVD shelves? When 300 came out in the theatre, 300 Spartans was also out in red & gold colours. For every popular genre movie there is a straight-to-DVD version / rip-off.
Once in a while they'll say 'I hope Mrs. Claus isn't going to be upset.' You have to be discreet and kind and say 'Oh no, she'll be OK. You can sit here, but only for one photo.'"
Didn't CSI just do an episode about people groping Santa ??
You know, on the Internet there are things that are better left untouched. Some will make you angry, some will make you really really depressed. And then some will make you do things you shouldn't. And really, you shouldn't see the reference. No really, you shouldn't. Unless goatse was something you enjoyed.
"We do not allow liberal censorship of conservative facts." In other words, Conservapedia reserves the right to publish any material they think fits into the category no matter how inflammatory, one-sided, bigoted or oblivious of the facts. And when they are in doubt of something, they will quote the Christian bible, because we all know that is the final source of fact.
And here I thought that Pepsi Workers were supposed to seduce Coke workers into drinking their beverage, not attack them.
I like body mod'ing more than the average person but all I can think about when seeing Stalking Cat is that this would be good therapy for Furries.
OK, I had to supress a giggle at this 60 Seconds in the Life of the Galapagos Islands video highlighting the mating ritual of a pair of Waved Albatross. The jackhammer followed by a hiccup just got me.
Giz wush zwah?!? So, email is represented by bikini clad Sims rejects and spam by fat guys in speedos? So who the fuck sits there and just watches their email come in?!?! (from tech crunch)
Kewl. A blog about strange and disturbing art ("...exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity...") called who killed bambi?
Really, can they just declare the judge an utter fucking nutcase and end the stupid 'lost pants' trial??? Seriously, why do obviously insane people get a free ride just because they have some authority and clarity behind them?
The act of locals fishing for valuable refuse from the world's most polluted river reminds me of when people used to walk along the edge of the Tar Ponds looking for old bottles and jars, to sell to tourists. Imagine the toxicity of a pond that was used to dump the detritus of steel production for over a hundred years. I believe it was once called the largest open toxic waste site in North America.
Psychology student Bill Rifka -- who is 35 and in a relationship with an iBook -- admits he has "often flirted with many a sweet laptop on eBay and felt true desire." Like all objectum-sexuals, Rifka also attributes a clear gender to his partner: "To me, my Mac is male. I'm living in a homosexual relationship, so to speak."
Falling in Love with Things talks about people who really really love things. I can't wait for the CSI episode.
I really really need a WTF category when I run into things like this 3M Sticky Bear.
What is more amusing than reading about the Travellers invading Lancaster University campus is the fact that the americans in the reading group (and probably some city bound UKers) have no idea what travellers are. I cannot say I know alot about them btu I know they are related in nature to the Gypsy / Romany people but not so much in race. There are travellers in north america and most recently, a TV show about them called The Riches started running of ShowCase here in Canada.
Not only are our poppy coins used to listen in on american defense contractors but Canadian Geese also have microscopic cameras in their eyes to spy on military bases, all canadian tourists can pickup radio waves between security agencies and each and every single beaver is trained to attack the US, upon the use of a secret activation code. Beware my american neighbours, we are out to get you. Oh and I am sorry to say that our nanites are responsible for the bee deaths.
I think we should skip the idea of temporary tattoos for lost kids and just go with a permanent tattoo behind the right ear. That way when they are abducted and found 6 years later, you can confirm you have the right kid. See a kid with a cauliflower burnt ear and you know trouble lives there.
OK, so Sony killed a goat to promote Gods of War II (not really, they bought a dead goat from a butcher... article writer fabricates a good story) so does that mean we get to run over hookers to promote GTA4 or infect someone with a mutie-zombie virus (i am sure the US has some hanging around in Hanger 18) to promote a game tie-in to 28 Weeks Later? I sure hope so !! I want my carnage IRL not just in games!!
This is evolution's response to generations of foot binding. Yep, she has mutie toes.
I like hearing about a new type of crazy people. This time it's the Otakukin, those who believe they embody a fictional character, often a popular anime character. We are not saying they want to be like the character but believe they actually ARE the character. P.S. This is where you really wanna go to.
From this latest list of tshirts designed by David and Goliath, it's pretty obvious what's going on. But the fact they are making less attractive versions of three shirts I own just irks me.
OK, if the new wonder drug (aka newest way to really fuck your life up) is called shabu, then does that mean shabu shabu is twice as addictive? is there now going to be a CIA war on japanese soup?
Now, if he only had an impact crater and a blood splash pattern, I would have been really impressed by the Giant Pink Bunny.
Back when I was in Edmonton I assisted a scary little guy work on some night courses. Scary? Well, you see he was one of those para-military afficionados who was working on his promotional materials for a corporate high-risk security firm. He envisioned he and his team protecting execs of large companies as they did business in far away countries where kidnapping and assault was a strong possibility. Why do I have this weird feeling he works for Blackwater USA now?
Jer is right; this house is ridiculous. Fucking nuts I would say. It's tucked into what would normally be the alley way between two houses. It's one story. It can't hold a sofa. It's only one story??? I understand it being a part of history but geez, this is one of those times when I am all for knocking it down and making use of the space. $139,000?!?
All I can say about using friendliness to foil a robbery is this. "What the fuck ARE YOU SMILING AT ?!?! I SAID GET DOWN ON YOUR FACE MOTHERFUCKER !! QUIT SMILING !!" *blam* Also, are they saying it takes a gun to get good service?
gKent's sister has a dog that does this to toys. Not a serial killer, more like a spree killer.
Imagine this fictional scene. An american teenager has crossed the border into Quebec in order to have a weekend of fun, where they can drink at the age of 18 instead of 21. They are driving through Westmount not knowing they cannot turn right on a red. They do so and are pulled over for the minor traffic violation. Finding they are american, which is pretty obvious from the license plate, the Quebec cop decides to follow procedure and put them through the system. They are arrested, fingerprinted and jailed in a cell where nobody will talk to the teen in a language they understand. They don't have enough money to post bail and their parents aren't home. One failed phonecall, and the cop decides to be a prick and that is "fair access to a phone" and they are stuck. You never know, they might have outstanding warrants in Quebec. Paperwork takes a while, so a poor kid goes through a nightmare. Now, imagine the CNN coverage.
Remind me to never be bit by a brown recluse spider. Warning, and i mean WARNING, don't click the link if you don't like really gross open wound pics. I only link to this because I am one of those people extremely phobic of biting insects and I think my heart would stop if I ever was bitten by something that could do that. All blogging is about personal response.
Yes, there are 700 hoboes and they are here as well.
Coming soon, something we can do with all those friends who are raising toddlers. Yes, we can start our very own Bong-Bong Boxer Extreme Combat League. Don't just go over to see your friend's baby pictures !! Pit them against each other and have the childless friends bet on the outcome !! To quote, "The Bong-Bong Boxer makes fighting fun and educational for pre-school children."
This is Miffy. Fuck you Dutch Lawyers.
Guh whuh say wha?? It's not that there is a meaning behind the R.E.M song What's the Frequency, Kenneth and it has something to do with Dan Rather but that a random mugging actually entered into pop culture. Yes, sometimes it seems language is a virus that people can pass along.
I guess it's cuz I stopped reading Civil War (Marvel comics outlawing of superheroes and killing of Captain America massive crossover storyline, in case you didn't know) very early in that I don't get this Roughhousing joke but I do have to say that it somewhat traumatized me. Oh I do love my run on sentences.
I would get this version of DDI for the xBox but I don't think the cats would like it.
Yes, finally there is a software program that proves we all need a little work.
I used to think that fiction would sooner or later start writing chilling things that would eventually happen. Now I know that it will be the sole control of comedy.
I like nice pens. I like sharpies. But I can only WTF when I see The Ultimate Bling Pen.
Kewl. It seems that Trent Reznor has an "alternate reality game" going on for the release of his new album. It's being tracked at this this discussion group. An ARG is a real world based game, previously seen in the marketing of Spielburg's A.I. that leaves hints on movie posters and websites and tshirts and whatever other media they can use to get your interest. Little clues are scattered about leading you hither and yon. This one sounds perfectly scary.
But what does it taste like?
While I have nothing against Black Power, I find it strange that I came to this link via the google links to side of this comic. Now I understand that young black men who are militant (look at the tees before your yell at me) for the equality of their people might also enjoy the hijinx of a middleclass white guy into WoW and computers, I just don't see it as an obvious marketing connection. Maybe it's just me.
This is definately a shake of the head and a WTF. Yes, they are making a movie about cartoon character Underdog but in live action.
OK, I can see the fun with Gelli Baff, an additive for bath water that turns it into coloured goo, but what if you put too much in? Would the child be sealed in goo like Han Solo in carbonite?
Unless your manager is really kinky, this is NSFW but I really had to link to all these witches. Burn them at the stake man, a really hip stake.
"Through thick and thin, OM shines through my colon of joy." .
It's times like these that I love that I have a Japan category/tag. Yes, they are Candy That Makes You Horny, not that I need any.
It's a walking penis, no it's a schmoo, and that's a gibbering mouther but has no mouths and that's kinda rude and it's all more than a little weird. It's a Microsoft Zune 2006 TV commercial ?!?!?!
Neat! A picture of a troll under a bridge. Better there than on a newsgroup.
Imagine this, you have a website that reviews TV shows and gets a little fame. You write a review for a crappy piece of teen drama that focuses on the empty heads of malibu beach bunnies. A couple of months later you see an episide of Law & Order: SVU and the nasty, over the top baby raper has the same name as you and happens to write for a website that reviews TV shows. You watch the credits, a little confused, and you see the name of the same telewriter who wrote that crappy Malibu show. Or better yet, how about a bad review of a Michael Crichton novel.
So, if a movie production magnate decides to make a movie about a 12 year old baking wizard who gets on the wrong side of a competing company and they called "This Boy Is Toast", am I going to be sued over my domain name even if I had it first and it never had anything to do with their movie??
Someone has made a site that combines the rating system made popular with Hot or Not and a relationship matching service called LoveHappens. Though with the name, maybe I should have compared it to Rate My Poo.
With Batman heading the organization its a wonder there is any crime in Russia at all.
Yes, it is imaginable that the Fossilized Feces of Jesus Wreaks Havoc but really, you are digging in the ground and you come across ancient poo. What leads you to believe that your saviour may have had a dump there? Oh I guess if it IS christ poo, you might want it around your neck like a reliquary or an ABBA turd. What would John Constantine do with it? (yes i know this is a satire site)
So let me get this right... drinking is evil, dancing is evil, video games are evil, smoking is evil, D&D is evil, art is evil, rock & roll is evil, sex is evil and now blogging is evil ? How many times can you go to Hell?
I am going to start a cult, yes a doomsday cult, where the precepts predict the end of the world in fire and flood BUT have a disclaimer that if such prophecy does not come true, all members are required to abandon said cult and start writing sitcoms.
Alex Chiu is my favourite Internet Weirdo.
It seems Sweden has been infested with a creepy crawlie of sorts. It sort of looks like the Spruce Budworm that infested NS in the 70s/80s. It was never that bad but it did make walking in the forests kinda nasty.
HEY ! I missed David Day !!
At some point in many of our conversations we have broken a small bit of silence by shouting, "It's clobbering time !!" It's an immature reference to a goatsie (oh just google it) image of The Thing and Mr. Fantastic. Now we can also giggle at Mastercards.
Bixarre how Comcast fires employee caught sleeping on camera when the video was placed on YouTube to complain about the customer service he was recieving. The employee was obviously on hold with the department that needs looking at.
I guess this is what D&D Players / LoTR fans / WoW Players do when they are bored. I dare you to click Play Orc.
Hey Blork, since you are over that way make sure you do nodance at the Parthenon.
OK, anyone that eats in China Town or at the Pacific Mall knows that sometimes the menu translator can make us chuckle. But sometimes just translating word for word without structure can lead to interesting food choices.
OK, I want a bubble car. Warning: NSFCIB (not safe for cosplayers in background)
I don't know why I am surprised but this news story about asking for a Police Complaint Form scares the bejeebies out of me. (boing)
One thing the Internet, and Wikipedia, is good for is learning about some new frakked up behaviour. Of course, it's mostly anime/manga related.
So not so long ago a blog emerged that was using people's photos (via Flickr) of Hawaii to represent her trip; because her camera was lost in Hawaii. Well recently she found out who found her camera and it only get's worse from there. People are such shites.
Oh I should have ordered these "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Valentines for J to show her how special she really is to me. (via crown dozen, via rob)
Heh heh heh, they are Katamari Hijinks. I could hear the sound effects of cats and people as he tried to roll them up.
I could produce a F.P.E.S. or cat helmet but I would lose my arm placing it on Balthie.
Hi, my name is Chuck U Farley and I have decided to annoy an american today.
Speaking of thumbdrives, I think these underpants come with a thumbdrive port.
J has a fine collection of woo-woo books and materials, and to be honest, I thought that I made up the term to describe her hobby. (via matt haughey)
The Livejournal site called Myspace Deaths is a little controversial. But in any large and popular web community there is the fact that many of it's members are bound to die. At some point in history, even the Blogger A List will start dying.
"Majmuncino smrdljiva !!" I really have to learn how to pronounce this cuz it means, "You smelly big monkey," in the Croatian Language. (via nickerblog)
If MI6 is actually The British Secret Intelligence Service or SIS, are they really so secret if they have a webpage?
It's nice to know that the internet can be used to keep me up to date on stark raving lunatics.
I don't know the source of this video of plants with 3D grafts (tentacles, eyes, etc.) but it sure is neat, like watching life from another planet. (via linkbunnies)
Hey I read that Camp Concentration book. Have I contributed to anti-american attitudes?
Before the one up the street closed and recently became a Springrolls, it was obvious that you didn't have to look good in those 70s shiny short shorts to work at Hooters. But this is what was required. (via fimoculous)
Yes, someone you know out there needs Anti Monkey Butt Powder. (via J reading Davezilla)
I feel behind on my web related phenomena (doo dooo de doo doo) but until today I had never heard of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism though I had seen the image briefly.
Metro, is this the same Picard song or another version of it?
OK, Cats In Sinks is too cute. No, I know what you are thinking but I am not going to lose my right arm trying to put Balthie in a sink.
To be honest I never heard of The Aristocrats until today and thought the movie poster referred to something entirely different.
Yes I already knew How to Survive a Zombie Attack.
Somewhere in the wilds of northern Ontario, north east of Lake Nagagami, there is a giant piece of tape holding it together.