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Sanctuary is a web-based skiffy TV show. It is created by and starring a number of the people from the Stargate:SG1 & Atlantis crowd. This is something I will have to ... acquire.
Heh. Homophobes beware; Capt. Jack of Torchwood has a new love interest, or at least lust, and it's Spike :)
Kent asked me what I thought of Razor and boring was the only thing that came to mind. If it had been just another episode in a season long series of stories, then maybe I would forgive it. Alas, it was supposed to be a Special Event Movie but was more just meh. Let me just reiterate with the words of a another viewer.
Finally. After years of searching for it, Mark Little's MyThemes.TV has the Untamed World theme. Be warned, it's a crappy .RA version.
It is so weird seeing The IT Crowd - Series 2 already out on DVD in the UK considering we just finished watching the torrent releases a few weeks ago. I guess they knew the real medium for this show.
Oi. People go grief stricken ga-ga over the death of Flower Whiskers, a meerkat on Meerkat Manor. I don't remember ever getting this emotional when I watched Untamed World. Sidenote: The comments are a hilarious read with some argument over Flower being associated with "thug" culture because she was from africa. man, kids today confuse me.
Hee !! Shaun The Sheep, the aardman animation sheep that is, has his own show. (via girlhacker)
I really really like the idea of a Heroes mini-series.
So... Survivorman is real but 'survival king' is a fraud. But even the wikipedia entry of Survivorman mentions a nearby camped support team. How authentic does that make him if he can crawl over to their tent??
We are watching John From Cincinnati by way of downloading each episode every monday or tuesday as soon as it appears via the BitTorrentMachine. I look forward to it every week. If I could, I woudl talk about it the way this post on The House Next Door did.
After having watched Nesbitt as Jekyll, I think I would be a bit scared of him as the new Dr Who.
Kewl. River is a good Terminator. I guess hot terminators are the way to go.
My Vox account is for longer posts these days. For example, we watched some downloaded entertainment in the last few nights.
I didn't understand his sadness when I read this Stargate Atlantis strip but then I realized that Space is still one season behind. Considering the Spacies last night, this is gonna confuse the viewers immensely when Jewel Staite doesn't appear anytime soon.
Woot !! Katee Sackhoff is going to be a new bionic woman on a new NBC show. But a news series instead of a new movie? You also have to wonder what the new "bionic sound" will be like.
Instead of ending Battlestar Galactica, they should try a spinoff that actually takes place on earth where a couple of viper pilots take care of kids with superpowers while getting into hijinx with early 21st century culture. Really, it would be great !! (via warren ellis... i love writing that BTW)
I forgot to mention that we were flicking through the channels a few weeks ago and I saw dinoaurs running about. And i saw an S Club alumni running about as well. Yep, Hannah Spearitt is on Primeval, an ITV show about time portals and not very well done CGI monsters.
Now that's it is confirmed, are you wondering what to expect from Heroes season two ? I predict a Heroes Registration Act (as hinted at in season one), some physically deformed Heroes living in the sewers, the establishment of a school for the younger Heroes in upstate New York and another hint of the future featuring a scene with a scarred Peter defending a red headed Claire-bear in front of a wanted poster with other familiar Heroes crossed off.
I saw a stupid TV show about the 3 Musketeers starring Bruce Boxleitner and thought, "Oh how the mighty have fallen." Well not that mighty but it is nice to there are still B5 stories out there for me to see once I have no more cable TV coming my way -- alllll cancelled May 18.
You know, it was nice to have something (albeit short and mini series-ed) to watch besides Heroes and a shiteload of CSI reruns. But Drive has been cancelled. Why cancel a freaking miniseries? It's not like two more nights is going to affect the market that much any more than showing yet another House episode.
According to this blogger, Math proves that the Buffy universe harbors no more than 512 vampires. Unfortunately, I am more Buffy Geek than Math Geek (actually my own percentage of math geek is very low.. i was only ever good at theoretical math, never practical math) so I cannot really argue.
Ahhhh, so Internet Girl is from the comic books for Heroes. I will have to pick those up.
But what does it taste like?
Did you hear? It was decided that Living With Ed, reality show about Ed Begley Jr, is the first in a series where each and every network will slowly go through each and every celebrity and create a show about them. My favourite season will be the Life With Dead Celebrities. So, who would YOU like to see with their own celebrity reality show?
Neat!! Wil Wheaton talks about Next Generation episodes. What is also neat is the mass of self referential links at the bottom of the page; self referential to the Weblogs Inc network, which sort of seems to be an Acme Inc of the blogging world. I wonder if there is a blogging Wile E Coyote getting link fodder from them? (via milo)
Even though I am sorely behind in watching the new Dr. Who, I still want to start watching Torchwood. Once again, if it wasn't for stealing TV, I would barely watch TV. OK ok, I still would watch too much TV.
Ohmigawsh, Kate Kelton, better known to some as the Tic-Tac Girl, has her own website. That makes her hotter.
So I am now sitting in an IT Dept eavesdropping on guys answering IT request phone calls and hearing, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Well, no not really but I want to say it when I hear them struggling with a user.
I love how they mention, in this article about a possibility of Firefly returning as MMORPG, that it was like Cowboy Bebop, which is something I thought when I saw Bebop for the first time, "Man, Whedon must have really been influenced by this..." Jer, THIS is the next anime you should watch.
Last night's BSG was incredible, a fun (albeit rushed) ending for New Caprica and President Baltar. The show is now back on track with one battlestar seeking Earth. And having successfully survived two deadly confrontations with the Cylons, I think it's time the colonials celebrated a harvest festival and scare away their boogey monsters.
Ummm, what more can I say? Muppet Wiki. Well, I can say how weird it is that I still have not watched my copy of the first season in it's entirety. Are our gen all about being interested in the nostalgia without actually being nostalgic? (via abada abada)
Don't even ask me what I am doing tonight. I will be busy.
Marmy, should we setup the BitTorrent machine??
Sire go ahead and deny me from watching the Battlestar Galactica webisodes. I may be in a blocked area called Canada but I have access to BitTorrent so kiss my hairy ass.
I feel I could have this conversation with some of my friends. BTW, I am the one wearing the glasses.
GAH !! I have to wait until October for Battlestar Galactica Season 3 ?!?! Oh well, gives me time to watch S2.1 again when it comes out on DVD. P.S. Nickelback?!?!
Have you ever eaten Spoo ?
Never heard of Tiki Bar TV but it is strangely compelling, or maybe it was just the sparkly shorts on Cally. Or is it that Lala is holey moley hot?
Not being a viewer of the show Lost it took me a few minutes to figure out what this Lost Widget was, not that i can install it anyway.
I pretty much agree with the take this local television writer has on The Strangeness of Fans, as related to the season finale of Battlestar. (blamb-ed)
You would hope that the opening post about the Battlestar Galactica season finale would be a, "Oh my frakkin' gawds of kobol !!" but instead it starts with, "Isn't Starbuck hot with long hair?"
Ahhhhh, I want to broken but brilliant instead of just broken !!
Everyone knows I miss the original format and people of TechTV, not the watered down G4TechTV and I am so glad I found Robert Heron and Patrick Norton doing a downloadable TV show at DigitalLifeTV.
This is the article (well the article she links to, not Martine's blog post) where I stand up, grab a few shoulders of people I work with and shout, "See !! See !! I told you they were not real !! Wake up people !!"
Gee I just remember Sarah Silverman as the girl in that Voyager episode where they go back to 90s San Fran.
"Ooo oo, oh Ducky Poo, would you like a bicky?"
Dance Stewie, dance !!
OK, I have just finished watching season two of Battlestar Galactica and I am browsing around the SciFi site for news of a fall season. But instead I run into news of Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God. Oh dear, this could be scary.
Why do I think this lil clip for K9 and Company is for a show more like Three's Company and less like Dr. Who. Side note, BBC Cult !! (via the shatnerian)
I don't watch reality TV (enough reality in reality for me) but it would be neat to see Cam and his brother compete on The Amazing Race.
These futurama panoramas are really neat.
Hmmm, if my schedule allows I may be a fangeek and attend the Toronto TechTV Meetup.
Yes, it is all the best Firefly quotes.
Rest in peace, Scotty.