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Schtuph Link Fodder
I am becoming less and less enamoured with coffee, with a possible delusion that it is responsible for my constant throat and sinus ailments. Gotta blame something. Maybe I just need a coffee reboot.
Tete au Tit. Nipple Noggin.
I Listen To Bands that don't even exist yet, like "Astronaut Popstar."
I think Marmy could make this chair her favourite chair.
You know, rather than buying me this Inigo Montoya T-Shirt, I suppose I could just get some stickers and a sharpie. Wouldn't do well in the wash though.
Scroll down. It's a Tshirt for Mr. K.
This is a shirt that Marmy would wear.
OK, I know you can skin your website and even skin your iPod but you can skin your mountain bike??
If you haven't noticed yet, tons of people use the internet to tell others about the Schtuph they make. People with leet skillz make things from paper and from cloth and from glass and from yarn and either sell it via their own site or via lil helpers like Etsy. It's often not about the selling of the product but the "doing something with it" after they have made it. They can only give away to friends so much before the hand comes up. That is why I like the Coudal Partners Swap Meat so much. Not only can you make something neat and give it away, but it's really neat, you will get something else neat in return.
Hee !! Make sure your girlfriend is XHTML compliant !! (via martine)
Ooooo, I know something to give the Unwashed Gamer Boy in your life for his next foray into the real world.
Heh !! Hamsters and rats often live in wood shavings or paper shreddings. Have a ton of old phone bills and bank statements you want bye bye? How about having the rodent of the moment help out and help himself?
OMG, its something soooo cute, I want it for my own version of cute overload. confused? Don't you remember this kitty?
Kewl !! It's something I would buy my dad so his interests (carpentry) and my interests (computer geekery) could coincide. It's called the Craftsman CompuCarve and essentially it's a computer design controlled router. No not, "handle your networking" kinda of router but a "make neat designs in wood" kinda router, i.e. rooter router.
Remember the Level 1 Human Baby Creeper? I blogged it sometime in the past. What's best is the discussion on baby AC in the comments -- you KNEW it had to happen !!
Yeah you could put on tron sneakers (you can tell the age and hometown of a man by what he calls typical leisure-type shoes) with a tron track suit and go to a tron rave and geek the night away.
I know I have seen a canadian artist do the same but these Weta Originals Rayguns are fucking incredible !!
The category might be "snicker" but this was more of a "guffaw". Remember those black hiphop musicians a few years ago who wore standard white-skinned bandaids? I think vegans should buy and wear bacon bandages. Not on my wishlist but they might end up on Nood's.
Part of me imagines having one of these Lamp Lamp lights and running around in circles yelling, "Lamp Lamp !!" I don't really know why.
Drunk kid on subway last night, "Man those are a lot of pins on that bag." I ignore him. "MAN THOSE ARE A LOT OF PINS ON THAT BAG !!" I ignore him. "I SAID, THOSE..." Drunk Kid's Drunk Buddy, "SHUT UP MAN, you're drunk !!" Yeah shut up or buy me more pins.
I like nice pens. I like sharpies. But I can only WTF when I see The Ultimate Bling Pen.
Two things come to mind when I see the post about a Magnetic Floating Bed or maglev bed. They are: if you are... vigorous in your ... activities, would you possibly unbalance the bed and roll out? And, what if the cat runs under the bed, will he be irrevocably altered by the magnetic forces?
We used to buy books for the sake of buying books. Having books was an accomplishment as well as the massive shelves we had. We have been paring down of the years condensing and adding less and less. But still, it would be lovely to display all the books we have on shelves such as these.
It's The Cupcake Courier but do they make a cookie courier?
Tee hee, tea he. You would need a lot of room for Mugs for the perfect tea -- 128 tea mugs pantone coloured from beige to brown.
"Through thick and thin, OM shines through my colon of joy." .
Most people barely know my fascination for pens, that grew from buying my father so many as a kid (he LOVES them), and therefore can understand why I love the idea of this inkless pen. It's sort of like a pencil but it's not. Oh, and look at their entire (3 only actually) pen collection -- all unique examples of pen design.
Envy! Yes, I am jealous that Accordion Guy got quite the schwag deal from M$. He got a free decent-end laptop preinstalled with Windows Vista. But he works hard for his focus in the blogging world and deserves a little positive feedback.
I already have enough MP3 players; I don't need to make my own MP3 player. What I need to know is how to make my own 1gig+ USB thumb drive.
While I will never own one of the beautiful beasties, today I got to touch a Apple MacBook Pro in order to place it into inventory. Droolable. Totally.
I saw these melting snowmen and thought they would be the perfect gift for any of my friends. Then I saw the price; sorry folks I can't afford to melt away what money I am now making :)
Kewl. Local shop Magic Pony is at the top of the web zen shopping 2006 list.
While I really am drooling over the increase in popularity of eBooks (i saw an ad on TV for the Sony Reader) I don't think people who publish books have to resort to ads like this; but they sure are funny !!
So you wanna go for a nice walk in the hills just outside of town, to get some fresh air, to enjoy the mild weather. But you are just too frickin' lazy. (thx martine :)
Hey P, didn't you just blog this toque ?
I forgot to link to this "oh wow that is cool" link for the DB Fletcher 'capstan table', possibly the most fascinating extension table I have ever seen.
Yay! Something came from the UK the other day and it was a belated BDay gift !! Actually something also came way of California the other day but that is a surreal other story.
When I was 12 I had a length of chain spot-welded to my right wrist. The other boys were doing, older brothers and fathers running the spot welders, and the inevitable burn mark was a badge of honour. Once attached you could not remove the chain. Mine snapped off on a ski lift in Quebec as I exited the chair, a single link breaking and dropping it far below. In college there were those woven friendship bracelets, a copper-tin woven metal ring traded to a friend by a pickpocket in Nairobi, a couple of leather twists and the longest lasting ones -- the links used to hold shower curtains back wrapped multiply around my right wrist. I broke the last one months and months ago and even now my wrist feels naked. Perhaps this american gulag bracelet could be my next?
Yeah, I meant to link to these a little while ago but I was too giggly describing them to Marmy. They are Nintendo Controller Panties and all I can say is that it could help her practice her Konami Code. And I mean the Elizabethan Her, not Marmy, cuz Marmy doesn't play Nintendo.
People think I am nuts when I say I want to get back to the Nine-to-Five. It's really just a matter of knowing when I am going to be done every day. I would sooo have a clock like this.
These TTC Swag Suggestions are really cool. Whenever a friend or family member visits Toronto, the choices of memorabilia are embarrassing. These would do wonderfully !
Kewl, because I have a Flickr Pro account I got ten free moo cards. (thanks for the heads up jer)
Now if we only could have ordered this tee before we see the movie tomorrow night.
Ooooo gotta get me one of these Gorillapods !!
Just in case Jer needs to really hurt someone with his Nerf powers, he could make a armor piercing Nerf rifle.
I could cover the rest of my two bags with these Unique Button Badges. Or I could buy my own thingie and start making.
They call it the urban loft with mobility, I call it the hipster RV for those trips to Austin for SXSW.
Hey Jer, is a neat idea !
Yeah I like it. Get it? I cross-linked to a kewl shirt AND posted about Digg.
For the reality show that is my life I require these Pre-pixelated clothes.
I need new headphones. Can someone buy me these?
I am not sure if I want to help find Maria's mitten; that thing is sca-aaaaa-ry looking.
Yes, i would wear it.
An old issue of X-men described their suits as some sort of couple-of-molecules-thick material that provided incredible protection as well as flexibility, not just run of the mill spandex. Seems that olympians have it too. (via the boy with the broken blog)
Y'know, they didn't really need the bloody nut and the generic squirrel -- the flying squirrel coming down from the trees was ninja enough.
Oh oh oh! I wanna a wobot !! (via emailjoe)
Speaking of thumbdrives, I think these underpants come with a thumbdrive port.
Speaking of Schtuph, I finally created a Cafe Press outlet to sell my creations. The first thing? A blank book, of course, which I have already ordered for myself.
Yes, I like the idea of wrapping these lips around my toothpaste.
Yes, all I want for xmas is my katamari tees !!
Now J has been filling DVD ROMs with anime but wouldn't it be cool to fill this 250gig external HD with anime?
Seeing the pictures of the store called Sweet Kitty, The Anime Store it makes me think they took a half dozen Pacific Mall shops and shoved them into one environment.
Holy Shote !! I would love the looks I would get at work if I wore a Totoro hat this winter. Tee hee, the older I get the younger I get. (via jer and his own hunt for a winter hat)
Seeing these Stacks of Stuff makes me grin at how big my katamari would grow if i rolled over them.
Inhabitat is a nice design log.
The word innovation currently irritates the fuck out of me. But some innovations are just so neat.
The Happy Toast will only be happy til I eat him. Eat him slathered in butter and jam. Raspberry jam. Mmmmm. (via J who was reading Davezilla again)
I really should have asked one of the knitting knuts out there to make me one of Jane's stocking cap for the premiere.
I predict that the vast amounts of trendy tshirts with short term catch-phrases such as glarkware, is going to be the ultra-popular trend of the 2040s where the hip young kids will pick them up in second hand stores and online. oh wait...

p.s. their asshole handout card is brilliant ! p.p.s. the massage chair has caused more headaches than it has helped; i wonder if i have it configured wrong p.p.p.s. i believe this is the first time i had two paragraphs in a linkfodder.
Yes, someone you know out there needs Anti Monkey Butt Powder. (via J reading Davezilla)
Now of course the Ipod My Baby comes with pause and forward but does it come with Mute?
I may have posted this already in my former life as a Blogger (as opposed to an Emptier) but Mighty Goods was made for my co-worker, shopper extraordinaire, Paul.
I have been kinda-not-really forced to wear ties at work but looking at the handmade ones at Naked & Angry makes me want to buy one just because. I have a really strong materialist inside of me only curtailed by lack of funds.