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I could do the same Montreal street art blog for Toronto's great graffiti.
One thing that can be said about a big event in Toronto, like the fire yesterday on Queen W -- it brings out the photographers.
I have been looking around for a decent dayminder / calendar. I actually was using a free Spacing calendar I found last year, one with lots of photos of Rannie's. Lo and behold, I could continue the trend.
Hey! Flickr: Joan Loves Paper and so do I. Photography and collagey goodness. (via monoscope)
This is a great photo project, the 69: TTC Stations.
Yeah, I want to be able to bake and take photos like this. Once Marmy starts in full force, I intend to actually attempt to try it with my meager photoography "equipment" and skills.
Hadn't come across this before. It's TagBrowsr, an alternate way to browse Flickr photos by tag.
This Flickr SLW: Everyone's A Critic group makes me hungry for the food and for a decent camera and flash setup.
Photosynth is just a WOW product and that has nothing to do with Orcs and Dragons. Imagine mapping dozens (or thousands) of photos onto a three dimensional space and being able to fly through it.
This PictoBrowser Preview is just too kewl. It makes me like my photos again and the sizing is decent. time to resurrect?
When I used to shoot B&W 35mm photography, I used to love the shots where the film flowed into the shot and you could see the sprocket holes and labels and such. But in no way could it be as neat as this kind of shot.
As is evidence by this pic (i do not remember it being so out of focus), there is a store nearby that would allow me to try my own hand at recreating a tiny street art project.
Holey Moley, I guess I missed this Vista on the Rocks !! Did anyone go to the ice house? Did Vista crash?
This is too frickin' kewl !! He draws lil versions of himself and inserts them into photos. Tee hee !! P.S. He also has a 365 Project. (via drawn)
Now THAT is the way to do a birthday cake, well at least if you are a robot fan, and really, who isn't a robot fan?
Dang, these are fun Photo Illusions.
Co-worker GAK is in Japan and hunting down vending machines !!
Mmmmmm, a poutine tour. While there is not all that much poutine in the tour (2) it is easily forgiven when reminded that is southern california. I wanted to do a similar tour here in TO when I first arrived from Montreal. But alas, there are toooo many canned-gravy, shoestring fries and cheddar cheese poutines to make it palatable.
I started here at the Lala love you set on Flickr. He tags his CD cases from La La, a place to trade CDs for about a buck. And it sort of spread around. I like that.
You might call it photos of dancers caught in mid-move, as they are suspended in air by high speed film. I call it people who threw themselves at the ground and missed. Gravity's a bastiche.
Wow, this Flickr Project 365 has a lot of rules. Lots of rules make things boring.
Holey moley, it's The Day After Tomorrow come to real life with a Frozen Tidal Wave. It might be just me but the ice looks delicious.
Back when I first starting to create CD Covers, I would scan in favourite photographs from books I found at the library. The original to this legomogrification was one of my first.
Rosie O'Donnel has a Flickr account ? I wonder how many other well known celebrities have them?
This International Shooting All The Time Day Contest contest would be fun but how the heck can you shoot all day long?? There are certain activities that might take more than the alloted 1 hour of personal time. And it's not like you could squeeze them into that 5 mins. I guess there would be a lot of cheating ---- dinner time, just place the cam down and click the same thing over and over until food is eaten.
Another local is doing a pictureaday.
Not quite my Project 365 but it's a 365 Days project on Flickr.
Tee hee !! It's The Post-It Note Jaguar. I have always been fond of elaborate pranks pulled on friends and co-workers from the shaving cream filled cars to the "glue every stick of furniture to the cieling" efforts. This one is pretty.
I am not the only one with a Tachikoma on their desk !!
Heh heh heh, I am not sure if the cat has a "I am cute!!" expression his or her face or an expression of, "Get this off me before I go Spanish Inquisition on you!!"
Neat! A picture of a troll under a bridge. Better there than on a newsgroup.
I love silly inane photo projects like Running from Camera.
This is a neat idea that must require some forethought or at least alot of people (as well as yourself) taking photos of you. She has 28 pictures of herself through the ages.
Hey! That's Carrie's photo on a Photographing Moving Subjects tutorial.
I mentioned lightboxing items to be photographed the other day and part of it is choosing your background. You can go with white and have them float or you can choose a neat background for texture, like Rannie has done in the Flickr photos; just browse back for more.
Graig, this is the technique I mentioned last night which can turn normal photos into toy-like quality.
And the source for all this lightbox and food posting (damn i am hungry now) is the blog Still Life With...
p.s. the test shot from the lightbox.
The other day I built a cheapass DIY lightbox (i cannot find the link to the original but there are quite a few; editor's note: found it!), which allows me to do do decent "backgroundless" shots of my toys and such, but what I really want to know is about taking better pictures of food.
I think this souvenirs photoset on Flickr is brilliant and I would like to propose we Canadians do a similar one, one where we take pictures of the souvenir next to a real object next to the giant version of an object. For example, on the highway between here and Montreal is a Giant Apple. We should hold an apple next to a keychain apple next to the Giant Apple. Since most Giant X are animals, it might be more difficult.
Really, if these superheroe photos were not so lame they wouldn't give the best image of the average hero.
Oooooo, someone has panography for sale at The Inevitable Goddamn Sellout. And they are from these sets of photos. Someday I will be bold enough to do one with actual printed photos.
Remeber how I said the only better than making photos was printing photos? I joined JPG Magazine; maybe they will print my photos.
Wow, sometimes you can click a random button, like the one at moodaholic and get something incredible !!
Hey! Horsie nose !!
Woot ! Expect some more photo funs from How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas.
Simply gorgeous, this textured chair at is.
This post makes me think it is possible to do a good panographic self portrait.

Originally uploaded by Simon Pais.
This Flickr 'Super Heroes' Pool could be fun or scary to look at.
This photo of Toronto approaching and surpassing nightfall is exactly why digital photography, and it's sharing via photoblogs, can be so exciting.
The video for Harrowdown Hills by Thom Yorke is a beautiful piece of work that makes use of the photography technique called Tilt Shift.
Whoah. Speaking of the beautiful people, it seems Istoica has access to more than their fair share of cuties. Yeah, the photography is nice too.
You know what is even more fun than creating panography? Printing panography on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of photopaper suitable for cheap ass framing. Weeeeee.
Ahhh, so that is where that link on my newly created Flickr Set came from. I almost built a minibook immediately and then I noticed I was immediately usng my credit card far too much this month.
Interesting. Kottke colour corrected some early 20th century photos to envision what they would look like taken with modern equipment while I am using a PS filter to make recent photos look like the older original photos.
I am not sure if I like the image more or the sentiment of the text given.
One of Marmy and mine's lil jokes is whenever I see a man with a Hasselblad camera, I ask her to distract him (i.e. flash boobies) while I take his gear. We may require more distraction for the Hasselblad 39 megapixel DSLR.
L pointed to the photographer in the window in the Market Square area who does powerful collagey photographic works of Toronto. You can find something similar at Flickr: Panography.
In case people are interested in seeing pictures of Cape Breton over at my photoblog, I doubt I will be putting up very many touristy type shots. But this guy definately makes up for my lacking.
There is now a Naked Cowgirl ?? P.S. Yes, I am back and currently deleting comment spam.
Ooooo gotta get me one of these Gorillapods !!
Could you do the same thing as The Brooklynites for a neighbourhood of Toronto or even the whole city?
Awoken with the usual night terrors that provide me with insomnia these days (tonight, i had left my bag at a girls place leaving behind my only weapon against the zombies following me on a walk from queen & parliment to yonge & eg) and surfed for a little distraction to find another photoblog and great harbour shot at c o l o u r b l i n d.
More local photobloggers exhibiting prints of their photos at the Cross Cultural Solutions Auction.
Rannie's borrow P&S has a feature called widescreen. That is so neat!
Rannie is doing a series with a new Canon Powershot SD700 IS. Oip! Now I won't be able to get away with blaming the quality of my shots on them being done with a Canon P&S.
isto-ica are two people who take incredible portraits really pointing out the Beautiful People here in Toronto.
Amen sistah, amen.
Now that I don't make as many mixCDs or create covers to be inset into jewel cases, I didn't know what to do with the crate of em I have. Now I can do DIY Jewel Case Photo Frames. Not that I have hung the other dozen frames I already have.
Wow, these interior shots of an army vehicle are just beautiful. (via mute)
While randomly wandering a friend's LiveJournal Friends listings, I came across these incredible photos On the Corner. p.s. ...
They are photos of places where The Matrix was filmed in Australia.
Oooo, I like the Lightbox JS.
Arrrrgh !! There is no more Secret Swing !!
Woot! Imogen Heap (you know, the Frou Frou, song from Garden State, girl) has a Flickr account !
This article about Real Photo Postcards is neat considering this is basically what my new photoblog is going to be based on.
OK, the fibonacci broccoli is a great image of those broccoli cauliflower mixes but it makes me wonder. Are they actual crossbreeds or just green cauliflower? (found via photojunkie)
I thought I had already linked to minature men on top of food but I cannot find it in my archives. Either I didn't or my archiving paradigm has failed.
LOL. This is the best. graffiti. ever.
I predict this image of Junior Bush asking Ms. Condi if he can go to the washroom will become a very photoshopped image very quickly, if it isn't already.
Ouch. This baby jane is what black & white photography is all about.
I can always appreciate a sliding bench.
I am remembering this B&W Conversion tip for the future.
OK, Cats In Sinks is too cute. No, I know what you are thinking but I am not going to lose my right arm trying to put Balthie in a sink.
The disaster in the american south has led to much looting and finding. the most interesting thing is the response in the comments.
I added the first permalink in ages and it was due to this string of Toronto night images at Brett Lamb's Blog. Photoblogging, when not by a skilled photographer should be neighbourhoodly like this. But I am not so what do i know.
Mmmmmmm, beer.
You might call it shooting flying insects but i call it 'spending a lot of time, requiring a lot of expertise, spending probably quite a bit of money, assembling a scifi camera array... all for the sake of bugs'. Neat! (via milo)
Based on this photo I found out what a Zorb is. It looks tres fun.
Remember the zombies that attacked the fantasy warriors in Montreal? Well, a photoblogger took a series of images of one of their battles.
This is such a wow in it's simplicity. It's a photo called Departure.
You know what I like about Jon's site, other than shots like this Bug ? It's the little detail that the photo ends up in the masthead of the comment box.
Gayla harvested her garden produce and man does it look yummy !! She also has a book on creating such a gorgeous selection.
These images of toys on the out & about are something like some images Zannah took.
I just added Invisible Threads POTD to my photoblog links. It's a hint to go to mine as much as his.
Ooo ooo oo, nice new Luminescent look.
If I ever tire of trying to get my printer to print accurately I can always print from home.
I wonder if I will ever see the ad that produced all these bouncy balls on Flickr?
It's a portfolio and it's called intransient. It's Canadian and possibly Torontonian. It also has a photoblog.
Rather than doing a story about only local people, the BBC does a story about a worldwide set of photobloggers, including Toronto's DDOI.
MakingRoom Magazine, "...a magazine about the process, intention and results of image-making."