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Petz Link Fodder
So, someone has finally cracked the kitten gene code and created customized fur patterns on kittens.
OMG, he's the World's Saddest Pug and I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. (thanks ed)
Heh. It might be based on this video of cats murmuring to each other, but this Cat Talking, Translation vid and many others could start their own macro cat mini-meme. Definitely a must for catmas.
Hee !! I love these examples of destructive kitty behaviour. We have Marcus VS Hp deskjet, and we have Printer Cat (don't lose your head kitty !!) and Hewlett Pussy (what's in here???) and finally spike vs the printer (baaaad print head, baaaad). I could go on. Imagine a dot matrix reaction?
If I could get Tigger to not run in sheer terror from the sound of the vacuum, this would be a good way to keep her constant shedding hair to a minimum When I mean constant, I mean constant. You could brush her for an hour every day and still be able to get a Sobeys bag full of loose hair from her each day.
This is my kind of cute overload, it's ultra specialized and something I am very familiar with. It's Cat In A Box.
Hey, are you still nervous about the fact that just about every wet cat food maker was using wheat gluten from the same contaminated source? Megnut suggests Wellness For Cats. They are grain free.
OMG, its something soooo cute, I want it for my own version of cute overload. confused? Don't you remember this kitty?
I am blogging a shite load of Cats just for marmy.
Heh heh heh, I am not sure if the cat has a "I am cute!!" expression his or her face or an expression of, "Get this off me before I go Spanish Inquisition on you!!"
LMAO. Luckily our cats don't have their own toothbrushes.
Wow, the Cat Cocoon is one complicated hidey hole for animals that just as often prefer an open box. (via girlhacker)
Ahhhh how coot; ahhhh how coooter.
Man, try and bathe either of our cats requires chainmail gloves and I have the scars to prove it.
I could produce a F.P.E.S. or cat helmet but I would lose my arm placing it on Balthie.
OK, Cats In Sinks is too cute. No, I know what you are thinking but I am not going to lose my right arm trying to put Balthie in a sink.
Yes this is the World's ugliest dog.
Yes these are crazy jumping cats.