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enzyte.jpgYou know those TV equivalent to penis spam? The Enzyte ads about "natural male enhancement" ? Well, finally the creator was found guilty of fraud.
My coworkers don't read my blog so occasionally i find myself sharing links with them. And once shared, I don't blog it. Such as Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang's Company-Wide Memo Regarding the Microsoft Takeover Bid. Ooops.
So everyone is upset about a Giant garbage patch floating in Pacific. Actually they are upset about an article talking about it because, as far as I can find, the german article is the only source of it... no pictures, no news stories, no nothing. Lets see some pictures !!
Michael Pollan says,
Don't eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.”
Wow, that would lead to a lot of really boring nights eating out at restos. And to be honest, my grandparents and probably their parents, did not eat so well -- tons of fried food and buckets of salted this and salted that. Tons of veggies boiled into mush. Yuck. My father would balk at gyoza and there is no way I am giving that up. (via beatnikpad)
With Burma in the news everywhere, Marmy commented about how the news stations were all calling it Burma when they should have been saying Myanmar. I speculated that it was in reaction to the nasty activity, with world news orgs choosing to use a familiar (albeit older) name instead of the one the military leaders changed it to. It seems it's not that simple.
So, Crack use 'staggering' among homeless. That would explain why a woman with cerebral palsy walked up to us in the park yesterday and asked us where she could buy $20 worth of crack. Note of interest: about a decade ago someone who's knowledge I trusted corrected me when I said cerebral palsy stating it was cerebal palsy. Having not really seen it spelled out very often, I took them at their word. They were wrong.
"Nope, wasn't our plane, nuh UH !! " says China Airline. Eedjits. (via tokyo mango)
Really, can they just declare the judge an utter fucking nutcase and end the stupid 'lost pants' trial??? Seriously, why do obviously insane people get a free ride just because they have some authority and clarity behind them?
What do I think about Paris Hilton out of jail? Well, I do think she shouldn't have been sent to a prison for a driving infraction, not that I think the prison was anymore than a strict dormroom. But now that she is out, it's not quite a punishment to be forced to stay home. You can imagine her home, right? Let's hope she witnesses a murder across the street and the psycho, who happens to be a star of some 80s dramedy, kills her.
Here is another reason to be selectively self-censoring in your blog. You never know when you pass an american border check, that they may Google your name. I can imagine a border guard coming back to the car, "I am sorry sir but a random internet search of your identity has shown you far too nerdy to enter the US. Go home, and for gawd's sake, move out of your parents' basement."
OK, so he went from doing stupid little tshirt slogans to selling the "art" in galleries in an ironic fashion that only stupid people can understand. But he began stealing his designs from other people, people who the arts world would never run into, ironically or not. I think it makes it art moreso. Ironically.
Imagine this fictional scene. An american teenager has crossed the border into Quebec in order to have a weekend of fun, where they can drink at the age of 18 instead of 21. They are driving through Westmount not knowing they cannot turn right on a red. They do so and are pulled over for the minor traffic violation. Finding they are american, which is pretty obvious from the license plate, the Quebec cop decides to follow procedure and put them through the system. They are arrested, fingerprinted and jailed in a cell where nobody will talk to the teen in a language they understand. They don't have enough money to post bail and their parents aren't home. One failed phonecall, and the cop decides to be a prick and that is "fair access to a phone" and they are stuck. You never know, they might have outstanding warrants in Quebec. Paperwork takes a while, so a poor kid goes through a nightmare. Now, imagine the CNN coverage.
This story about a Scottish hacker being extradited to the US for hacking into their military computers fightens the pants off me. It can only be so long before they consider any computer related crime committed outside their borders as a right to be sent to the US to pay for the crime.
There is an issue of the comic Invisibles that features an american concentration camp. It does not seem so far off these days.
Somebody call the Fantastic Four or the Silver Surfer cuz I think a giant green dragon in purple underpants (no relation to the Hulk) is gonna come out of that hole !!
Honestly, we need to hear more about stuff like this.
I don't know why but I find the news that a Seminole nation company (band council?) bought the whole Hard Rock Cafe concept. I imagine it will lead to a scene on a Simpson's episode sometime soon.
Ahhhhhh, fuck !!
I first heard about the plight of the Kim family from blogs, and not from blogs re-posting the store but from blogs just commenting on someone they knew from their community. I checked the real news and there was not a peep. This morning CNN was running the "family found in car -- trapped for 9 days; husband still missing" story. I hoped the authorities listened before the news media did.
Holy freeholey. Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion. So, was that a cashier's check or just a direct deposit?
I remember the good old days when Goths were hedonistic, vampire-obsessed, wearing too much makeup, terrible dancers, anorexic, depressed, lonely and kinky but never fucking violently looney.
What do you think they should name the new planet ? I originally liked their choice of Xena, as in Warrior Princess, but I think Bob has a ring to it.
Neat! I don't know how long this will last but it's the Google Moon. P.S. Click the zoom as far as you can get.
Rather than doing a story about only local people, the BBC does a story about a worldwide set of photobloggers, including Toronto's DDOI.
Not scary enough not to Moblog