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The tribute blog entries to Gary Gygax continue to roll out (groan) but none are like these two gems: Gygax, a nerdcore rap and the There be (Dungeons &) Dragons Mixtape.
Ever flip through a movie that is running on TV and watch it in bits and pieces but suddenly, with the credits rolling, just sit down and listen to a beautiful song waiting for the credits to reveal who it was? No, just me then...
Another song that has been going around in my head for quite a while is Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole. I have never heard it outside the context of a TV show.
And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.
I am listening to Scuttlebutt Radio and The Mary Ellen Carter is playing. Man, the story about the guy singing in order to survive is making me weepy. I'm such a sap these days.
Remember the other day when I mentioned I love those little flashie online music makers? That I could play with all day? That make repetitive techno-like music? Well, I could now carry one (via)
I swear, I could play with this X-Mass JukeBox all day and still enjoy the repetitive music it makes.
"we do what we must, because we can. for the good of all us, except the ones who are dead." Arrrgh, I am humming the end credits song from a video game I haven't even played... yet.
I know now why I couldn't find the link to scuttlebutt radio. It's because all I did was tag it 'sea shanty' in dee-lish-us.
Remember the days of making mixTapes and giving them to new friends and lovers to get them to understand you better? You probably moved on to mixCDs when the tech evolved. Now it seems kind of moot when you could just send them a stack of files. Or you could combine nostalgia with Make a Mixa.
Oh fuck this. I am just going to download the song and get it out of my head. p.s. rather than the song being take from an artist and adopted to the video, it seems Rhonda Stakich is the artist and they are not advertising the fact.
Oh heart
I know that you're doing your best
Riding in the backseat
Now you take a rest
And just leave it to me
I'll sing the songs
And you keep the beat
I have been humming Oh Heart by Jill Barber for about two months now. I am glad she lets me listen to it via the website.
I have recently collected a strange amount of music that I heard on TV, not music that was in a music video but music heard in shows, in commercials and in backgrounds. How do you find it? Well, via the Internet of course. I really should get around to making that mixCD.
Perfecto !! In reaction to the lack of coverart with the new Radiohead album, hicksdesign does their own.
Now, is this live performance of Tank! , a theme from the classic anime Cowboy Bebop good for it's music or good for it's reference? I do think it would go over well in Vegas.
Well lookey there, a MySpace page that is not entirely annoying, though I still dislike the layout paradigm the place in general.
Hmmm, Dragonette a disco band with Martina Sorbara from Ottawa.
I have my first repeatedly played hummable song for the summer. It's Little Lover's So Polite by Silversun Pickups. Realize, summer songs for me are not about when they are released but when I discover them, not having much traditional exposure to music, i.e no music TV, no radio listening, rarely browse the music blogs, etc.
Neat !! USB Flash Drive with Jack & Meg Set.
Guh whuh say wha?? It's not that there is a meaning behind the R.E.M song What's the Frequency, Kenneth and it has something to do with Dan Rather but that a random mugging actually entered into pop culture. Yes, sometimes it seems language is a virus that people can pass along.
Ooo, I like both the music of Dead Can Dance and I love the jewelboxing packaging. I am adding this to my own wishlist. Hey, there's a category idea. Wishlist !
Kewl. It seems that Trent Reznor has an "alternate reality game" going on for the release of his new album. It's being tracked at this this discussion group. An ARG is a real world based game, previously seen in the marketing of Spielburg's A.I. that leaves hints on movie posters and websites and tshirts and whatever other media they can use to get your interest. Little clues are scattered about leading you hither and yon. This one sounds perfectly scary.
I started here at the Lala love you set on Flickr. He tags his CD cases from La La, a place to trade CDs for about a buck. And it sort of spread around. I like that.
I am a musical genius, I am like Philip Glass. No, really, I am. I have even been to Baddeck.
The Smithereens are still around?!?!
Hey it may be the end of January but it's not too late to download and listen to another top tunes of 2006.
Uisce Beatha was a gaelic drinking band I have seen at some time in my past, probably Halifax or Ottawa. They are not this band of the same name. The name, pronounced "ishka baha" is the origin of the word Whiskey, which sounds better pronounced intoxicated as "wush-kee".
Yes, while I might not make any more covers (thinking of changing that in the new year, this coming year is designed for changes) and buying even fewer legit CDs I still love to stop at the credworthy CD stores on Bloor W and look at neat CD artwork.
I just signed up for Pandora Internet Radio, another of the music suggestion services that works like a radio. The app is simple but I hate the way it just sits in the middle of the page like an abandoned popup.
Do you write and produce your own music? How about posting a few to the MeFi Music Community Weblog.
The video for Harrowdown Hills by Thom Yorke is a beautiful piece of work that makes use of the photography technique called Tilt Shift.
Kewl. It's benoit falardeau the designer I tried to get my company in Montreal to hire. We probably couldn't afford him. And I found him by an ex-worker's Last.FM page.
The Designers Mixtape is a neat idea where designers are invited to share their own music playlists.
For my new version of TBIT, I might do the last few songs played thingy but the trouble is I usually listen to albums so it will be kinda boring looking. And what it looks like is the most important thing, right?
I had a connection to this in Montreal but cannot remember what I thought of it. But seems to have taken off.
This is weird, indulgent and a little anarchistic. Mercedes-Benz, you know those guys who make fancy cars, also makes playlists of tracks meant to be played on their car stereos and allows you to download and listen.
Woot! Imogen Heap (you know, the Frou Frou, song from Garden State, girl) has a Flickr account !
Now that I am part of the pod nation, I am looking at music in a different way. No longer do I look for albums, to be burned & decorated with homemade CD covers. I am now seeking music to download and place on my device, such as that found at aurgasm and many other fine music blogs. new category!
Oh good, now I know the name of the singer for Roysopp's new song called What Else Is There. She is Karin Dreijer.
I had completely forgotten about Neumu, the place that V intro'd me.
OH ! He's that Boy Who Heard Music.
I love it !! It is One Bit Music packaged inside a jewel case that plays the music. (last two from kontent)
Other than the original Stroke of Genie-us, I haven't really listened to mashups much but I love the attention to (packaging) details with Kanye West meets The Beach Boys. (via a guy with an accordian)
Well, I suppose if they are going to be a legit weblog the radiohead weblog should look like crap and have next to no postings :)
"He starts with her back cause that's what he sees when she's breaking his heart she still fucks like a tease." One More Night - Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
Not exactly sure what KCRW: Music Exchange is all about but if it introduces me to new music then it's good. Do I need an iPod to listen to podcastsm, though?