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Movie Link Fodder
Man o man, WE are watching the Watchmen. And what's up with these armor costumes? At least Roschach doesn't have Batman-style nipple armor.
Marmy and I watched the first episode of Tin Man from the SciFi network, a re-working of the Wizard of Oz story in steampunk overtones. It was not very good. That seems to be a trend on SciFi. Too bad.
LMAO. The Be Kind Rewind Trailer... kind of.
I think that Guilermo is a decent second choice for The Hobbit.
Saw Cloverfield last night. I was surprised that even with a 'cloverfield monster' Google Search you get nothing even remotely close. They had a ball seeding misinformation.
If Wanted is not already based on a video game, the licensed FPS that will inevitably come from it better be damn fucking good.
Oh man the geek in me has his toes twitching for the First Look At New Enterprise and I don't even have a Star Trek category.
Yayy !! Kenty liked I Am Legend and is pretty much spot-on with my opinion.
The Machine Girl has "japanese school girl" with a machine gun implant but, yknow, I still prefer a girl with a sword.
Is it just me or do some of the stills from Speed Racer look like the movie might have borrowed some of it's design aesthetic from current webdesign concepts?
I was kind of hoping that the re-envisioned Star Trek, by JJ Abrams of Lost fame, would be have re-envisioned vulcans.
Yo TBIT, pay attention here. Update: I guess not; the link is no longer on the main page so it doesn't look like there will be After Dark Festival bloggers posting on their site. But as for other sites...
Kewl. One of my favourite monster stories from Stephen King is being made as a movie.
The teaser trailer for The Eye doesn't leave me as interested as knowing Alba was in it. Speaking of remakes of asian horror movies, anybody have any recent recommendations?
I will not get too excited. I will not giggle like a little girl. I will not wet my pants. Serenity 2? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? (via girlhacker)
Everybody is linking to and wow-ing about the opening credit sequence from 'The Kingdom'. And with merit. It reminds me of the days of Imaginary Forces (remember SE7EN ?) when I stayed all the way through just to see who wow-ed me so many times over and over. It was nice to find a link talking about the company PIC who did the work as opposed to just the vid itself.
Neat !! Sam Jackson To Play Nick Fury in 'Iron Man, ala the Ultimates version of Nick Fury who's character drawing was basically Sam Jackson.
Oh man, the new Boll flick, Postal , of course based on the irreverent video game, is a pathetic-style (TM) comedy. Remember the horribly campy style of the guys who did Toxic Avenger? I think this is what Boll wants to do but will even do a bad movie, badly. I love my man Boll.
I should start this post mentioning I am a fan of Wes Anderson and looking forward to him seeing a 13 minute short called Hotel Chevalier, because I like the idea of an artist reaching a point where he can have fun with his medium, choosing to do things that are not about box office dollar. But then again, the only thing most people are going to watch it for is the "extended nude scene" of Natalie Portman. Remembering her fondly in Leon makes me feel dirtyoldman-ish but the geek in me likes the idea of Padme in her birthday suit.
At the The Movies is a great site dedicated to the reviewing of movies with Roger Ebert and all the guys I consider nothing more than his sidekicks.
I would totally see this movie.
Migawd, it's been in production since 2003 and it still sucked sooooo badly?
Back when gKent I saw the Gerard Butler Beowulf & Grendel, I was convinced I had heard of another more Hollywood style version being made at the same time. I guess it was the Zemeckis animated Beowulf Movie. And if you have seen the trailers on TV you might not have caught that it is indeed fully animated, ala Polar Express. And Neil Gaiman has done the script work !!
Geek Out !! D War is a Korean monster movie with fighting dragons, massive explosions and an american setting. This is Eragon for action fans. I am a 14 year old boy bouncing in my seat all over. Also see the YouTube trailer.
OMG. They made a movie about the the guy stuck in someone's windshield. You know, the one where the woman drove home and waited for him to die instead of going to the hospital? Eeek. (via the Midnite Madness mailer)
I am making note of this post, Putting Canadian "Piracy" in Perspective - The Sources, and also noting the link to his short film. My ten second response to it is that the number of people taking advantage of piracy due to it just being easier (those people who never would have seen the movie in a theatre anyway) are actually being outstripped by the people fed up with sucky movies, terrible prices, draconic practices ("leave your cell phone, PDA, digital still camera and pride in this cardboard box please") and becoming the pirates & privateers. See Blork's fistfight as well.

I haven't seen Spiderman Vs Every Villain or Fantastic Four: Surf's Up. I really enjoyed PotC: Long Acronym and 28 Sober Weeks Later (with Sandra Bullock) but really, my favourite current summer blockbuster is Order of the Stick !! This is really one incredibly compelling mega-adventure. I think they he should get together with the Shaun of the Dead boys (re-watched last nite... BRILLIANT !!) and do the third D&D movie as a completely tongue-of-fire in cheek fantasy story, full of insider jokes.

Oooo, I hadn't heard 30 Days Of Night had been completed. (thx vicki)
Whoah. I had already thought about going to Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity but I didn't know it was around the corner from my place.
I didn't have any desire to see the woman-hating Hostel until the anti-hype emerged. I want to see for myself what everybody else loves to hate.
This is a pretty decent movie blog called Band Of Outsiders.
I am interested in seeing how they handle the "last man on earth" aspect of the I Am Legend movie. I do not consider it a remake of The Omega Man but i doubt it will have as bleak an ending as the book.
Yeah yeah, I want to seeWaitress. It's mainly because it stars Nathan Fillion, and I must admit than I am rather fond of seeing things with the ol Firefly cast in it, but also because the one trailer I saw looked cute. But the fact that the director Adrienne Kelly was murdered before it was released, adds something... I am not sure what, but something.
Hrrrm, so Joss is no longer doing Wonder Woman and Goyer is no longer doing The Flash. You know, I never cared much for a WW movie because you knew they (dried out hollywood moguls would coun't find an audience demographic in a movie house) wouldn't want a comic book movie from WW but a movie based on the lame TV series. And don't get me started on The Flash series. Sorry Kent.
So, they are probably going to re-cut Grindhouse, the Tarantino/Rodriguez double-feature (with missing reels), into two movies because, and to quote one of the Weinsteins, "The audience didn't get the idea that it was two movies for the price of one. I don't understand the math, but I do want to accommodate the audience." People are just plain stupid. Do they watch the trailers? Do they listen to the commercials? Do they fucking read the internet hype?
Hey, it's good to hear you are coming along fine, Mr. Roger Ebert.
Hey babe, you were asking me who I thought would make a good Wonder Woman, based on my little knowledge of her in the comics and more on my like of her in the animated series. I was thinking of Angie Harmon as she has the strong stare, the sharp angled good looks and dark hair. And she could be greek, which I hope they make the movie secret identity.
This review of Rushmore, as viewed from The Criterion Collection, reminds me how differently I watch movies right now. I can hear the echo of what I was thinking as I watched Rushmore all those years ago, when I actually thought about film. At what point did I go from watching odd indie movies because I thought it was cool to do so, to actually noticing I was watching cool indie movies because it was cool, to discontinuing the interest in cool indie movies to missing it. A weird road of regret to travel. My gosh, my road is well travelled.
Oh I do like my girls with guns killing themselves some zombies !!
I for one love the idea of re-envisioning the original series in a new Star Trek movie. But will they re-envision the continuity and re-do the costuming and set design? Will they connect it more strongly to Enterprise? Will there be tribbles? Oh I could go all meta all day !!!
OMFG, this trailer for Black Sheep kept having me ask, "Are they really doing it or is this some obscure viral video?" I stil really don't know. (thanks craig)
Ooooo, speaking of remakes of asian horror flicks by american studios (we are going to see The Messengers tomorrow; not a remake but made by The Pang Bros), Jessica Alba will be in The Eye.
"The Become Ghost Rider website uses visual effects to simulate fire. Please do not set yourself on fire."
This is definately a shake of the head and a WTF. Yes, they are making a movie about cartoon character Underdog but in live action.
Of course, I read this Top 10 Worst Best Actress winners as "worst dressed actress winners" which makes no sense. But what made even less sense was reading the blurbs and not getting how it connected to clothing. Dang cotton ball on my head again.
I like my distopias in the near future, not a nasty distant future where apes rule the planet or Sean Connery runs around in an orange outfit. And I am surprised at how many distopias I have seen.
Y'know, I am not sure what to say about the site and trailer for Black Snake Moan. It is on MySpace which as a promotion tool, pretty much lowers any cred an indie movie has. The movie smacks of the movies my Dad loved to watch, often late night rentals when we first got the VCR or the ones in those fliers from the DriveIn. But Ricci does put the skank on well.
I miss his writing but I am glad to hear he is doing OK.
Shiny !!
I was pretty much blasé about the first movie, even if Ms Alba had a starring role, but for some reason the trailer for Rise of the Silver Surfer excites me.
In case you are wondering what this comic strip is about, here is the email Jackson sent to TheOneRing.Net.
Everyday I lament the fact I don't see as many movies as I used to, that I don't relish the movies the way I used to, that they don't hold the same allure or at least I don't hold the same motivation I once had to see them. But I still like to read about movies like Jim Emerson's 'scanners', by a guy associated with my main movie man, Roger Ebert.
Joley Moley, i am excited about 300, the movie.
While Megatron bites, Optimus Prime looks pretty fucking cool.
So I believe this is supposed to be Megatron from The Transformers movie. Looks more like a Guyver ripoff.
Now if we only could have ordered this tee before we see the movie tomorrow night.
There is a poster in the lobby of the Paramount cinema downtown for the movie Pathfinder; in case you are wondering it's a Vikings and Indians movie, not a Swords and Sorcery movie.
Heh heh heh, i just spent too many seconds sending Messages From Samuel L. Jackson to my friends.
When I was younger, at different points of my life, I was convinced / was convincing others that I was immortal and at key points I would forget everything I had experienced and build a life to start anew with. At some point I would remember it all. I never knew what would happen then. What if you could live forever ??
So, there is going to be a Official Dragonlance Movie and it will be animated. It could be worse than the live action movies but I doubt it. What I want to see is a CGI animated movie of the calibre of the Warhammer trailer. (via ed)
This Pervert's Guide to Cinema sounds fascinating. To the BitTorrent Mobile !!
I would also love to see this movie called Takeshi's , a self-created work of 'deconstruction' by Beat Takeshi.
Could this Luc Besson film be the Dark Crystal of this generation or just another animated piece?
Yay! This summer I get a new Shyamalan with Lady In The Water.
OMG, they are doing Frank Miller's 300 as a movie.
Heh. A movie that might make Gushie remember NSCAD.
This article on the New James Bond movie makes it sound like I might enjoy it.
Are there really this many Public Domain Movies ??
Kintaro Walks Japan sounds like a fun movie.
Oh yes, I would love more serenity in my life.
They are photos of places where The Matrix was filmed in Australia.
Ooooo I want a reaver finger puppet !!
This Not-So-Secret History of 'Aeon Flux' comic strip reminds me I have to watch my DVD set before I see the movie.
Thee are people who will cringe at the subject matter for Darkon , a documentary on LARP (don't ask, google it), and there are people who will go, "KEWL !"
Oh dear. Star Trek fans, calling themselves Trekkers, gave us the documentary Trekkies as the rest of us call them. Now we also get LotRs fans called Ringers.
I don't know how appropriate Peter Jackson is as the director of a Halo movie but at least it's not Uwe Boll.
I have to say that the new trailer for Doom is cute with it's FPS viewpoint.
As a sidenote, here's an article from the original screenwriters of Alone in the Dark.
We knew he sucked cuz we saw Alone in the Dark but it's nice to know alot more people knew Uwe Boll sucks.
I would love to do One Movie a Day.
Ebert favourably reviews Serenity but also gives credit to a McNeil from home. I wonder if it's the McNeil I went to school with, but that IS like asking an american if they know a John Smith.
OK, I have just finished watching season two of Battlestar Galactica and I am browsing around the SciFi site for news of a fall season. But instead I run into news of Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God. Oh dear, this could be scary.
Roger Ebert writes a review of a revolting horror movie called Chaos and the creators respond. He responds to them with nothing held back.
I have the original episodes of Aeon Flux on video and I think I will have to watch them again.
Oh Hoollywoooooood, I volunteer to be a fake critic.
THE 1 SECOND FILM is more about the producers, executive producers and associate producers than it is about the one second film.