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Uh. I want to believe. Boy Ottawa, that is lame.
If I ever really try and drop coffee from my life, maybe I will go for Mana Energy Potions.
Snort. Red Shirt. Want.
Ummm, mega expensive pooter bling.
Some would call torchwood babiez a chibi version of Torchwood. I would say this is more Tiny Toons. But there is still something disturbing about the pervy Torchwood starring kids.
LMAO. It was only a matter of time before one nutty computer met another nutty computer and fell in love. I imagine their lovechild will be a timetravelling Skynet.
Oh man the geek in me has his toes twitching for the First Look At New Enterprise and I don't even have a Star Trek category.
io9 a damn good blog about skify in general.
Yeeeee !! My favourite university days FPS might be coming back.
Hong Kong !! In pixels !! KEWL !! Every city deserves this.
The Machine Girl has "japanese school girl" with a machine gun implant but, yknow, I still prefer a girl with a sword.
I was kind of hoping that the re-envisioned Star Trek, by JJ Abrams of Lost fame, would be have re-envisioned vulcans.
It is so weird seeing The IT Crowd - Series 2 already out on DVD in the UK considering we just finished watching the torrent releases a few weeks ago. I guess they knew the real medium for this show.
I will not get too excited. I will not giggle like a little girl. I will not wet my pants. Serenity 2? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? (via girlhacker)
Remember the rumours about Peter Jackson directing a Halo movie? Well it seems that Weta did do some teaser mockups. *whine* I want mooooooore.
Heh. While we already know there are D&D InJoke Tshirts (like mine) out there, some are a little more InJoke than others. Such as the Kill Bargle shirt. Speaking of, I'd go for Morgan Ironwolf anyday.
I have been thinking about ways of making my blog more focused, which is more of a reason to have another blog but make it like Twenty Sided and centered on geek culture. Hey I may be one or more steps removed from it these days, but it does give me the outsider looking in who was once one of the insiders perspective. Ohhhh they do DMing the Ring.
Gahhh !! A guy I knew from Edmonton got to have both Saffron and Inara on his arm at a Con. *gulp*
Hee !! Make sure your girlfriend is XHTML compliant !! (via martine)
The scuttlebuttle going around work today is Geek Sued For Peeking At Woman In Shower Via Video. The main reaction, "Who the fuck takes a shower when a service person is in their house?!?!" Well it does sound like other people were in the house so with that in context, I can see it happening. "Hi sis, I am gonna get ready for work, if they geek needs anything tell him I will be right out." Poor guy probably thought he was a pizza delivery guy in a porno.
Wil Wheaton is blogging over at the SuicideGirls site ?!? That just seems so wrong.
Now THAT is the way to do a birthday cake, well at least if you are a robot fan, and really, who isn't a robot fan?
Yeah you could put on tron sneakers (you can tell the age and hometown of a man by what he calls typical leisure-type shoes) with a tron track suit and go to a tron rave and geek the night away.
I love it when things just come together !!
Transformers, iPods in disguise !!
So I read this comic at Full Frontal Nerdity and I am thinking, "I know one person who gets this," and I also thinking, "What? My d20 shirt doesn't get the ladies hawt?"
Shiny !!
When I was living in Ottawa a number of my friends and ex-classmates were working for Bell Northern Research, or BNR. We called it the Big Nerd Ranch as it was full of programmers with few social skills. I wonder how this b n r came about?
I already have enough MP3 players; I don't need to make my own MP3 player. What I need to know is how to make my own 1gig+ USB thumb drive.
While I will never own one of the beautiful beasties, today I got to touch a Apple MacBook Pro in order to place it into inventory. Droolable. Totally.
Umm, they are geeks and they are drawers. Yep.
So I am now sitting in an IT Dept eavesdropping on guys answering IT request phone calls and hearing, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Well, no not really but I want to say it when I hear them struggling with a user.
This is a geeky blog worth being in the permalinks. (ditto)
My Treo is a useful site for schtuff for my new toy.
Now if we only could have ordered this tee before we see the movie tomorrow night.
All I want from the Christies auction of 40 Years of STAR TREK is the flute from the Picard episode where he lives an entire lifetime in the blink of an eye.
Yes, i would wear it.
OK, I have a new obsession to add to my already well known one with Ghost in the Shell. Having watched all three DVDs & bought all four english language manga this weekend, I must have these Genshiken Trading Figures. And I mean all. (heard about em from nood, got the link from dubdubdub)
Thee are people who will cringe at the subject matter for Darkon , a documentary on LARP (don't ask, google it), and there are people who will go, "KEWL !"
Everyone knows I miss the original format and people of TechTV, not the watered down G4TechTV and I am so glad I found Robert Heron and Patrick Norton doing a downloadable TV show at DigitalLifeTV.
i know his 15 second of fame are now officially over when Jeopardy asks, "What is WoW?"
Oh dear. Star Trek fans, calling themselves Trekkers, gave us the documentary Trekkies as the rest of us call them. Now we also get LotRs fans called Ringers.