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Wow. I love it when something is invented that has not already been covered by scifi in the past 50 years. Such as Electronic tattoo display runs on blood.
I have been saying for years that they will have to make content specifically for small media devices. Even John Stewart commented at the Oscars about watching Lawrence of Arabia on the iPhone and THAT is one of the largest formats. There has to be content that is formated for them.
Want !!!
Remember the other day when I mentioned I love those little flashie online music makers? That I could play with all day? That make repetitive techno-like music? Well, I could now carry one (via)
OMG !! I love the lil red robot as he dances his way to victory !! Last video, FYI.
You know, Take TV is a neat neat idea but at $135, i would stick with the LT HD enclosure type thingy or like me, a cable from the PC to the TV.
You can still buy Bag Phones ?!?! Seems retrograde to me.
I need an IDE version of this SATA Hard Disk Drive Cradle for all those extra drives I have sitting on a shelf at home.
Remember the days of making mixTapes and giving them to new friends and lovers to get them to understand you better? You probably moved on to mixCDs when the tech evolved. Now it seems kind of moot when you could just send them a stack of files. Or you could combine nostalgia with Make a Mixa.
You know I don't need Doctor Who Dalek Webcam but it would go over SO well with my other desk toys such as Tachikomas and Godzilla and Hellboy.
Mmmmmm, I could do an edible blog with this toaster design from Sasha Tseng (thanks richard !)
Hmmm, it was only a matter of time before this iPod happened.
After watching this video of Keepon, the robot that not only dances but also reacts to voice & eye-contact, I can imagine a group of those creepy dancing Santas getting even more creepy.
I wasn't the fan of Transformers as some of my friends are so this MP3 playing Sounwave will be pretty cool to them. Actually it's pretty cool to me too.
Ferget the Playboy iPhone wallpaper, try the SuicideGirls iPhone Pin-Up Packs.
Nope, not iAvailable yet.
Neat !! USB Flash Drive with Jack & Meg Set.
Hmmm, so RIM has come up with something to compete with the iPhone and they call it Curve. I wonder what video on it looks like? Speaking of, how DO they specify resolution on those lil screens?
Now THAT is a vending machine !!
"On the other hand, even though I consider myself pretty good at washing pots and pans, I wouldn’t hesitate to hand that chore over to an advanced scullery system." Thus speaks the car parking expert about the Lexus self-parking car. They have car parking experts??
Transformers, iPods in disguise !!
The first thing I thought of when I saw this Wii Laptop was, "Can it be ported to a TV ?" Of course I am always self defeating.
This LG KE850 has an air of familiarity about it. Note the date of the article.
And here I thought the Nike iPod Run was just a way to record the stinkiness of your running shoes.
I have a box of casettes in the closet, the closet that I am in the midst of an attempt to empty & clean out, and I am loathe to get rid of them. But I co-oooooo-uld rip them to MP3. Its obviously not for quality sake but for posterity.
To continue our plethora of iPhone posting here (no i am not considering becoming all iPhone, all theTime) I give you 30 Things the iPhone Could Do That You Haven't Thought of Yet of which my favourite was, "Bring you to tears when it falls and skids face-down across a parking lot."
Despite the drop in RIM's stock price yesterday, I agree that iPhone is No Blackberry Killer. It's a personal device, not a business messaging device. But I cannot wait until the summer when I start getting requests for it. Unless it's from The Top, the answer will be, "Ummm... no." I wish it could be, "Yes but only if you let me play with it."
Oooo, someone touched it.
LMAO. I realized it's only going to be a few days before I start shouting, "It's only a phone !!" But until then I still understand Brent's sentiment.
Really, was there anything else you wanted to know about other than the iPhone? It's a fucking thing of beauty.
Ohhhhhhh *whine* ... it's not actually a TV. I guess you will have to settle connecting it to one of those mega apple monitors. Addendum: I had assumed it was a DVR, apple style, but it turns out just to be a pipe for the media on your apple computer into your TV. To emphasize what Ed said, l-aaaaaaa-me.
Badger passes Mal a piece of magic paper, with images and videos being updated automatically, at the beginning of "The Train Job" episode of Firefly. Could this Plastic Logic be soon in coming?
I once said that I would not be interested in cell phones until their designs became something I could desire. Unfortunately, practicality required me to buy one just before then but they have reached that state now. For example, the possible Apple iPhone. Or all the beasties in this video.
OK, why wasn't this mention of iPod Batteries already linked by me? I swore it was.
It's neat and it's fun and I want a Flavour Shaker. Cuz I already have a flavour saver. (via)
I already have enough MP3 players; I don't need to make my own MP3 player. What I need to know is how to make my own 1gig+ USB thumb drive.
Even if he didn't make millions and millions in a made-up Business Week story, Kevin Rose is kewl as shite when it comes to geeky types. Here he annoys his co-host, and the rest of the world, talking about the "It's Gonna Be Small as Shit" iPhone.
Fascinating. A webpage I was working on in 2001, to promote a music matching service kinda like Last.FM, has morphed into the Sonos Digital Music System to stream digital music wirelessly from PC to any speakers in your home. I recognize the theme of the graphics and that is even weirder.
Now this Steampunk laptop is the sign of a great mind !!
I stil like the idea of an e-book, and I am currently reading the included copy of Last of the Mohicans on my Treo. The idea has kind of died but here is review of the Sony Reader.
I prefer the look of the old iPod nano; i never liked the tube-y look to the mini, which this new one has adapted.
After Nood mentioned this I thought I might like a Palm™ Wi-Fi Card but I think I would need a hack for the 650.
More Treo sctuff at Treonauts.
ShoZu would have been nice but they do not support Palm :(
Or even MT-Moblog ?
Or maybe SnapNPost ?
Maybe this TypePad Mobile ?
OK, so how do I Moblog ??
Holey Moley, I could be my very own Paris Hilton with a Vaja i-volution Crystal Treo 650 Case !!
My Treo is a useful site for schtuff for my new toy.
Ahh yes, music to grunt by. (via danelope)
Is this new? It's called the Sony Reader and it's a PDA only for books.
Now this is a neat brush !!
Wahh wahh wahh, my new iPod Nano is not indestructible and I actually have to take care of it !! No I don't really have a Nano.
I didn't get the iPod but I love the idea of the Airbag iPod Tattoo, or best described as "skinning your iPod".
Just in case you cannot remember what alst year's looks like here we have iPod Generations.
He has the rest so I wonder how long until the aforementioned Paul has the iPod nano ?
I don't want a really cool startrekish sliding door, I want a door that locks itself behind me. No more noticing I left the door unlocked all night and anyone could have come in and stole me.
This is a Ba-Donka-Donk Mouse for Nood.
OK, it's called cableyoyo and it untangles your computer cables. But having a half dozen of these behind your computer cannot be any more helpful, can it?
If I liked eggs I would be wild over this Egg and Muffin Toaster.