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Fun Link Fodder
I could be curmudgeonly and say the reason there are so many in-references in Pixar movies is because, well they are all animated so once you have a model you might as well re-use it any chance you can. I could be but you probably know i love that sort of meta self referential stuff in movies and believe that animators love it too!
Heh. This "Thorshammer" is just brilliant and is stat-ed for the Hero System.
Hee !! The Superest, where he draws a superhero that is better than the last superhero. Kinda.
Remember those old 80s-90s illusions with the fuzzy lines and squiggles that if you looked at just the right way, you could see boats and farm animals and unicorns? When I lost full use of my left eye, I lost the ability to see them. But I sure can have headache inducing fun with Right Brain v Left Brain illusion. She started going counter-clockwise but with a little concentration on her bottom most foot, I can now change it. Ow.
I am sorry but this latest a-lister meme is something that makes me giggle out loud and have coworkers ask about the smirk on my face. Maybe if I had a Faceball, they would know. Also see the intro.
Holey moley, I actually looked behind me when this Virtual Barber Shop started. Yeah, 3D sound without red & green headphones.
Heh. It goes to show that no matter how long you are blogging, you can still miss massive amounts of the Blogosphere. For example, I didn't know I had missed the zombie apocalypse.
The first thing I thought when I looked at this online communities map was, "Hey that would make a pretty good D&D world map." What would be the dominant culture of the land of AOL? Where would the dwarves make their homes? Probably along the range in Orkut and Xanga. Oh, this could be fun. Oh I am not the only one who thought so.
Oh. My. God. This will be revenge on all those baby pushers amongst my friends (you know who you are) as I will get them all Chewbacca Costume and demand pictures !!
I have always wanted to add blackpower weapons to a D&D game but have always found it cumbersome. Damage vs reloading times is always a bitch. And once it is fired, you drop it and wade in with your sword. But what if your gun was a sword. Not FF but close.
While Kottke calls this dungeon map a D&D map, from it's structure it looks more like a pick-a-path adventure or a text-based-game adventure. "You are standing on the west side of the house. To the west you see a forest, to the east you see a door, north and south are paths around the house." Update: I thought it was one of those.
Heh !! Hamsters and rats often live in wood shavings or paper shreddings. Have a ton of old phone bills and bank statements you want bye bye? How about having the rodent of the moment help out and help himself?
As is evidence by this pic (i do not remember it being so out of focus), there is a store nearby that would allow me to try my own hand at recreating a tiny street art project.
I played with guns with a kid and by guns I mean pieces of wood that I hammered together, attached clothespins and rubber bands to and shot my friends for shit and giggles. But imagine the fun I could have had with this !! (thx joe)
Oooo i know what I am doing for next Halloween !!
Really, I can see some people doing some very funny things using the Witty Comics Make your own comic strips.
Tee hee !! It's The Post-It Note Jaguar. I have always been fond of elaborate pranks pulled on friends and co-workers from the shaving cream filled cars to the "glue every stick of furniture to the cieling" efforts. This one is pretty.
I love silly inane photo projects like Running from Camera.
OK, go ahead and read these Time Friends comics and then go do your own with this image; post it somewhere and place the link in my comments.
I love the idea of a building with talking bubbles as their logo. The last photo shows it best. I think anyone with access to this building should snap a photo & photoshop it with a message of the day.
Honestly, when I was a kid I thought it was really kewl that NORAD Tracks Santa but I remember envisioning F16s escorting him into American airspace and worrying about Russian jets.
More than a few people know of my love for minature mundane life. I don't like dioramas of battle scenes with tons of little soldiers. I like normal life, like Scale Model Cities.
Woot ! Expect some more photo funs from How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas.
So you know your neighbour is using your wireless bandwidth and rather than just turning their access off, you play with their minds; I like the upside down images the best.
Heh heh heh, i just spent too many seconds sending Messages From Samuel L. Jackson to my friends.
I wonder what v thinks of Meomi on Cute Overload.
Ohhhhhkay. Someone did a Space Invaders live performance. (last two via milo)
Now that I don't make as many mixCDs or create covers to be inset into jewel cases, I didn't know what to do with the crate of em I have. Now I can do DIY Jewel Case Photo Frames. Not that I have hung the other dozen frames I already have.
Take one ball and follow it all the way down. (yeah yeah, kottke too)
Such neat lil chairs made from champagne corks n stuff.
Holy freeholey, i couldn't stop clicking the boobies at Peter Stanick's website.
Still not in bed cuz Brett Lamb's ROM cartoon is making me giggle.
Holy Shote !! I would love the looks I would get at work if I wore a Totoro hat this winter. Tee hee, the older I get the younger I get. (via jer and his own hunt for a winter hat)
I just love tiny detailed worlds.
The knitted yoda head wouldn't be as funny if the kid didn't have such a goofy expression.
There is something stable about humour about continuous attempts to accomplish something and always failing -- sorta like me trying to get my life on track.
Dance Stewie, dance !!
Based on this photo I found out what a Zorb is. It looks tres fun.