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Dezine Link Fodder
I don't browse the inspirationals as much as I used to but MISPRINTED TYPE's Eduardo Recife has such nice work.
When I was a kid I collected paper money from some "similar to stamp collecting" company from the back of a comic book. I was always amazed at how much more colourful world money was compared to Canadian (colours but essentially one per note) and American (play money green) bills. It seems the US is taking some hints from Canada and adding a bit of colour to it's designs.
I usually just delish this stuff but every so often, i should give verbal props to cd cover dezine that I come across.
I always said Vicki would do big. For example, meet Sumi, Miga & Quatchi, the new mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Hee !!
Wow. Just fucking wow. Hardformat is about the tangible in music design, the covers. You all know my fondness for making my own cd covers and part of my inspiration is just standing in front of the windows of indie cd stores. if the music industry dies, i am glad the indie scene will still keep such loveliness around. doubt me? check how many RECORD stores are in Toronto. (thanks edwin)
Oh ! He created the minipops, not those annoying kid singers but tiny ickle characters, but he also does Lollipops, no not candy.
So, where are the decals that you dip in water and attach to the plates?
Perfecto !! In reaction to the lack of coverart with the new Radiohead album, hicksdesign does their own.
Everybody is linking to and wow-ing about the opening credit sequence from 'The Kingdom'. And with merit. It reminds me of the days of Imaginary Forces (remember SE7EN ?) when I stayed all the way through just to see who wow-ed me so many times over and over. It was nice to find a link talking about the company PIC who did the work as opposed to just the vid itself.
Wow. The new Wacom logo is uuuuuuugly.
Back in the goodoldaze, people passed around photoshop files and altered a little here, a little there and created dezine mixes for no reason than it was fun. There was even an "official" one called Photoshop Tennis. I guess now in the days when you have to blur out every logo on TV, it had to be renamed to Layer Tennis even if it presented by said Adobe product. P.S. The "meet adobe CS3" flashie on the right side is a nice example of fun design & advertising without being intrusive... unless you ask it to. P.S. I just misspelled without as withought. How britishism. (via nack on adobe)
Wow. These book cover designs Henry Sene Yee are absolutely incredible. Thus I am inspired to begin my design of books never written, designed by me? Probably or probably not.
Oh what ever happened to the hot-ass deziney world where the hotsites like K10K updated their look & feel with the latest trends & web techs. This site has looked like this since I got a tshirt from them.
I did something like I Only Need a Page! in the early days of websites. Back then they had no clue when you asked them, "What do you want on your website?" Most still don't. We did them for contruction companies and called them Internet Brochures and condensed all the company's advertising details onto one page that was indexed on a Construction Association's portal.
I love this current trend of taking a blank slate (often a vinyl toy collectible) and letting designers/artists go wild. For example, The Vader Project is just fucking cool. My favs include the skullie and this disturbing one.
If i had an unlimited personal development budget, I would make a new business card every year.
Mmmm, every day I believe I should see something pretty, something beautiful and not just the danger, the horror, the stress and the violence I get from pop culture. Thus I liked print & pattern.
A nice series of articles on making That Wicked Worn Look for print and web design.
kuler is kewl.
At the beginning of the web my favourite design style was grungey-dirty such as these 30 Dirty Designs, with one of the reasons being that I could imagine myself easily doing such. It was not as easy as I suspected.
Part of me imagines having one of these Lamp Lamp lights and running around in circles yelling, "Lamp Lamp !!" I don't really know why.
Ooo, I like both the music of Dead Can Dance and I love the jewelboxing packaging. I am adding this to my own wishlist. Hey, there's a category idea. Wishlist !
Hrrrm, a very nice blog design at Feaverish.
Most times, these days, when I encounter a Flash based site I click close before I give it a chance. Fully Flash based sites have their place in portfolio design and marketting but I don't have the "...45%...50%" patience anymore. And if I do wait, the first thing I am hunting is the MUTE button. Usually the navigation is boring and familiar. But the occasional one is a joy to use.
Weee, I can see a whole line of Mini Desk style computing desks from well known small sized cars of history. Oh to be foolishly wealthy.
As if I need another project with all the other ones I have in my brain but not started, but I like the idea of Digitize Your Attic and I might steal it's core and digitize everything paper related I have in those boxes scattered about the room. It's about time I actively used my scanner and put something new on
Its kinda neat to look at a post of mine from 2000 and find the site linkdup still active, if a bit stale looking.
Every so often I come across another notebook art project that reminds my users (users? where did that come from? i don't feel used) that I love notebooks done in that all too familiar artsy, deziney, collagey nature.
I didn't know that eboy listed his drawrings like a blog.
Yes, while I might not make any more covers (thinking of changing that in the new year, this coming year is designed for changes) and buying even fewer legit CDs I still love to stop at the credworthy CD stores on Bloor W and look at neat CD artwork.
I used to love CD Cover design until I started listening primarily to MP3s and haven't seen many as of late. But I still read deadtree (as webbies are wont to call them) books and love love love the cover art and thus I link to a blog dedicated to book design.
A fun tutorial and tip site called Photoshop Lab.
Because I used to love to browse these and should more, this is LOUNGE72 - Design portal & ezine.
Uhhhhh, Shinybinary is a wow site of Photoshop wizardry.
Joshuaink is a beautiful looking blog.
Sweeeet, lightspeed chronicles has a new design and still has quite the enviable job. (P.S. ENTRY ONE THOUSAND since moving to MT)
Other sources of Open Source Web Design are not just good for actual templates but good for inspiration.
I have always liked people who create free website templates.
This is really cool. A designer takes his favourite or well known character creations and offers them to a select group to remix as they see fit.
Yes, I do believe Lego is all about dinosaurs, boats and weapons of warfare. At least it was to me. Probably more about the weapons of war. Light on the boats. Vs the dinosaurs.
Kewl. It's benoit falardeau the designer I tried to get my company in Montreal to hire. We probably couldn't afford him. And I found him by an ex-worker's Last.FM page.
iMoments brings us Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects. It's just puuuuuure eye candy for dezinish-envy people like myself.
Wow, the Cat Cocoon is one complicated hidey hole for animals that just as often prefer an open box. (via girlhacker)
For the last two years or so, every time I settle on a new design, build the mockup and am about ready to launch, I see a redesign by another blogger and want to start again. This time, the natural paints at the top make me want to attempt my coffee stains, brown washes & natural build design again.
I like this advertising site called Ads of the World.
Fabien Barral, who still does some of my favourite grunge-y dezine, has a brilliant list of inspirational links.
Wow, The Can is a collaborative "novel" being made by professional illustrators.
Jason Gaylor; a source for deziney things.
More clean blogging at Left Lane.
Ooooo, pretty design over at Authentic Boredom.
I haven't been by Design is Kinky in a long time.
It's not often these days that I will link to a site because I like the design.
Oh I should have ordered these "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Valentines for J to show her how special she really is to me. (via crown dozen, via rob)
I still like grungey collagey stuph like u r beautiful.
Kodak's new logo sucks the big one.
Holy freeholey, i couldn't stop clicking the boobies at Peter Stanick's website.
Inhabitat is a nice design log.
I didn't get the iPod but I love the idea of the Airbag iPod Tattoo, or best described as "skinning your iPod".
This is Powazek and it/he redesigned. Its delish of course.
I like the spaces by rohan, the interiors more than the exteriors.
Both J and my mom send us regular shipments of tea towels. but imagine the hilarity if i sent her tea towels from third drawer down.
Most of your know I do CD Covers (more accurately, lately, did CD Covers) but another thing I always wanted to do was produce my own postcards. Like Karen Ingram does.
Something from the archives, now categorized. MetroStation.
I link to portfolios and design sites as future inspiration for my CD Covers. Such as Stopbreathing.
I used to think it would be neat to have a whole bunch of really obscure designer style teeshirts but then i noticed, after seeing someone on the street wearing one, that if you don't see the design clearly, it looks like a dollar store produced tee.
Really, in these days of templated or non-design, a nicely designed weblog still does it for me. And I was brought here because she did the site look for Suw.
It's a portfolio and it's called intransient. It's Canadian and possibly Torontonian. It also has a photoblog.