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Blogging Link Fodder
Wow. Talk about a hiatus.
You know, I miss the days when you read someone's sidelinks and the majority were not or or Whatever happened to personalized domains?
If you play games, you end up with a lot of spare dice. What do you do with all those spare random number generators? How do you store them? Where do you buy them? How many to keep handy? Do you have any special sets (in terms of manufacture, sentimental value, luck, etc.)?”
So the The Second-Geekiest Open Question asks and I answer, "Well, duhhh, a dice bag." I suppose it could have been a dice chest. That would be slightly geekier than a bag.
io9 a damn good blog about skify in general.
OK, so the guy who does Fake Steve Jobs is being sued... er, approached by Apple Lawyers. He is being completely transparent with his meetings. But what if this is just part of the fiction that is the blog?
And her blog is called Cat Sidh. The creator of the previous entry's mention, not Esther herself.
Yeah I have N.A.D.D. but it doesn't affect my life.... it is my life. I cannot wash the dishes without a break between sink loads to ... flick a few channels, to browse a page, to play a round of or to watch the latest effect on CSI. When is the last time I sat down and did something that lasted an hour or more, an hour or more concentrating? Ya got me.
I thought so. While the novelty and amusement factor of Kottke Komments, Everything you love about, but with comments was funny, once the novelty wore off nobody kommented anymore.
Are you there Google? It's Judy Blume's Blog.
Cute idea -- Copy and Taste, a blog about a couple learning to cook and accepting recipes. (via the cool kids table)
Yes, a Total Dick-Head is a blog about Philip K Dick.
It's been years and years since I linked to a Jakob Nielsen article. Yes friends, welcome to TBIT, your source of, "quickly written, shallow postings."
Kevin Rose has a blogg. But does he has a cheeseburger?
Talk about Old Skool Blogger, jason has his Webcam on. I used to have one that was linked by my photo in the top left hand corner of the blog. Remember that?
Kewl. A blog about strange and disturbing art ("...exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity...") called who killed bambi?
This is a pretty decent movie blog called Band Of Outsiders.
Wow. That is a memory. It's nice to know that no matter how much is accidentally deleted or you allow to be deleted, memories still persist on the web. If anyone ever asks, "What is the point of blogging?" I will have any answer.
Speaking of foodie blogs, I do like the look of this delicious:days.
I like well written little annecdotal posts like this one. But I have to ask, "Can you close a restoraunt restaurant purely for bad mental hygiene?" What is bad mental hygiene? The waitresses were surly?
Photojunkie just launched a redesign. I kinda miss the days when these things were announced with fan fare and commentary all around. I will get around to actually finishing one of my eleventy-four redezine iterations one of these days.
The first thing I thought when I looked at this online communities map was, "Hey that would make a pretty good D&D world map." What would be the dominant culture of the land of AOL? Where would the dwarves make their homes? Probably along the range in Orkut and Xanga. Oh, this could be fun. Oh I am not the only one who thought so.
Mmmm, every day I believe I should see something pretty, something beautiful and not just the danger, the horror, the stress and the violence I get from pop culture. Thus I liked print & pattern.
Wow. Looking back at this copy of my first foray into blogging, it's been about 8 years.
I know a few asians who are into blogging. Yep, ain't my white ass worldly? Anywayz, maybe they want to be one of the 8 Asians?
When a blogger goes out to pasture, sometimes the blog still hangs around and sometimes it just goes away. Remember Swallowing Tacks? While she parted ways with the web (as far as I know), her hubby is still around.
See !! I told you that the blogging parents of today are obsessed with Poo stories !! It wasn't just me as a non-reproducing kind of blogger.
Heh. This was the topic of the conversation that coworkers were having that left me not having a thing to contribute but their kids were saying worse things than, "Shit !!" I was 21 before I ever said the word fuck in front of my mom and I had been up for 30 hours straight at that time.
Speaking of The Onion, this lil widget is kind of neat.

The Onion

We Must Expand Our Nuclear Power Program If We're To Realize Our Dream Of Superhero Mutants

As the search for alternative energy sources continues, many decry nuclear energy as an unsafe and irresponsible option. Admittedly, dangers...

I used to think that fiction would sooner or later start writing chilling things that would eventually happen. Now I know that it will be the sole control of comedy.
Hrrrm, a very nice blog design at Feaverish.
OK, this is just a little brilliant. It's a command line blog and it makes me think of my first days on internet connected computers using HPs with email and newsgroups and that was about it.
OMFG, it's alive in a new format.
I do like my veggies covered in cheese but now I realize I need an au gratin pan. Well I don't need one but I do like the excuse to add something to the kitchen. But what I really need for the kitchen is will power.
Another nominee is An American Professor Teaching in Guangzhou China and he likes Star Wars. As to the translations, I would giggle more at them if they didn't make my head ache so.
Exploring the Bloggie Nominees. In the world of "seeking a book deal" blogs, the best posts are the well written versions of "what I ate today" such as Chicken which is not about eating chicken but being chicken.
Something about this Your Blog, Your To-Do List Manager rings true with me. My major concern with ToDo Lists is visually they have to compell me to interact with them. Spreadsheet like lists make me gloss over the actual tasks. But I am already familiar with the webloggy format so... Could be an idea.
LOL. I had to stifle snickers as I read blork's toboggan run story. That sounds like tooooo much fun. Hey Gushie, remember using cardboard boxes and wearing nylons (was that just me?) and going down Citadel Hill?
Oh, this Kottke Komments is hillarious. It's all Jason Kottke's blog posts but with the ability to leave comments. I wonder how long before it fills up with jason-hate? And what happens during those posts where he actually does allow comments?
ZOMG (to quote marmy) !!!! It's the ducky girl from the old dayz of blogging !! (found via the comments in chelle's post on rannie's site)
I like this Death City alot. It's a fictional blog set in a city beset by a plague that the government is denying is happening. Think of it as Toronto's SARS summer gone all wrong. I just hope the writing is up to the task.
I really have no idea who Ruhlman is but I know who Bourdain is and I love this post on Ruhlman's blog where he baits Bourdain to come to Cleveland. I like when blogging can still be personal enough for "big names" to tease each other.
Another of the old guard that I used to read was meish dot org but I am pretty sure she wasn't called that back then.
Envy! Yes, I am jealous that Accordion Guy got quite the schwag deal from M$. He got a free decent-end laptop preinstalled with Windows Vista. But he works hard for his focus in the blogging world and deserves a little positive feedback.
Kewl, and yes I should make that phrase a category of it's own, it's a blog dedicated to those oh-so-collectible vinyl toys called Vinyl Abuse.
Sheesh!! If the oldest blogger lives in Toronto and handwrites his posts, to be mailed to NB, why the heck aren't we, the GTABers, helping him out here?!?! If in the least we could get his posts from him and update his blog or in the furthest, put a PC in his house with a limited internet account. Sounds like he's a boon to the community.
I used to love CD Cover design until I started listening primarily to MP3s and haven't seen many as of late. But I still read deadtree (as webbies are wont to call them) books and love love love the cover art and thus I link to a blog dedicated to book design.
Where will I be this friday night? Well, at the GTAB Christmas Party of course !! No can of rolo cookies this year though. Marmy is cookied out.
OMG, I have no real pretensions that my blog is worth being in print but I soooo much love the idea of a Blurb Blog Book but then again it may just be saying it out loud.
Dude!! You are still using the site ?!?!?
Yay, has a gorgeous new look. Nice and clean.
Everyday I lament the fact I don't see as many movies as I used to, that I don't relish the movies the way I used to, that they don't hold the same allure or at least I don't hold the same motivation I once had to see them. But I still like to read about movies like Jim Emerson's 'scanners', by a guy associated with my main movie man, Roger Ebert.
Heh. The co-worker who shadowed me to gain her experience is blogging her trip at Caroline’s African Adventure.
So let me get this right... drinking is evil, dancing is evil, video games are evil, smoking is evil, D&D is evil, art is evil, rock & roll is evil, sex is evil and now blogging is evil ? How many times can you go to Hell?
Hey! A neat anime blog called Anime on My Mind.
Joshuaink is a beautiful looking blog.
Sweeeet, lightspeed chronicles has a new design and still has quite the enviable job. (P.S. ENTRY ONE THOUSAND since moving to MT)
This is a geeky blog worth being in the permalinks. (ditto)
While I ended up here because of the grungey photoshop brush post, I will stay at Veerle's blog 2.0 cuz it's neat.
OK, this is just me but I didn't expect TypePad to be a pay-for site. I expected it to be just another BlogSpot.
Or even MT-Moblog ?
Or maybe SnapNPost ?
Maybe this TypePad Mobile ?
OK, so how do I Moblog ??
Nora Young, which who I remember from the CBC radio show "Definately Not The Opera" has a crisper blog.
OK, I understand that the A-List and associated industry bloggy type people are supporting friends & associates by trying out the Vox system because we know they don't need another place to put their thoughts. What I find interesting is how they are all writing those short blurbs that we used to write in the early days of blogging.
I haven't reposted the blog by William Gibson in a few years and we should get in the habit of reseating old links.
Nope, not me. Not at all. No, really. Oh go away.
It is so weird in how deep I had to go to find out what Aperture is.
Yay! Another old blog I used to on An Entirely Other Day, and it hasn't changed design since then.
For the last two years or so, every time I settle on a new design, build the mockup and am about ready to launch, I see a redesign by another blogger and want to start again. This time, the natural paints at the top make me want to attempt my coffee stains, brown washes & natural build design again.
Want to see the sites (mostly blogspot) of a bunch of people doing artsy stuff like sketches, character design, doodles, paintings, etc? Try this list, as well as the owner's blog.
Nice nice grey scale blog at If..Else Log.
It is WWdN: In Exile, Wil Wheaton's other blog. Weeee-sley.... as said in a robot voice like we did all last week.
It's Treasure Tables, self described as "GMing advice, tips, ideas and resources - Dedicated to helping GMs." That's Game Master noobs.
Dang! This Toronto After Work Schmooze was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to attend when I first arrived in Toronto but now four years later and four years out of the webdev loop, I would be afraid.
More clean blogging at Left Lane.
Ooooo, pretty design over at Authentic Boredom.
OK, this was my first official post as a weblog, though I had owned a personal website for years before that.
Hrrrm, a blog in Japan I will read for a while called HOYOYO. It has the usual anime & gadget interests which are mine as well, so...
Cute comics/cartoons & references to comix and RPGs. I think I will read Metrokitty for a little while.
It was at the point where I decided to cut out my personal comments from a blog post, that these Link Fodder posts were all I had in me. For example, I saw this link for we*heart*prints and could have come up with a post about liking to support arts, needing more clean wall space, needing a new income bracket to have a house to house art, etc. Instead you got this.
On a daily basis I want to lodge complaints against TTC employees -- bad drivers abound there with their self important attitudes and horrible manners. But the TTC sending a cease & desist order to RobotJohnny for his TTC Anagram Map is just unforgivable.
I have always said that companies should give me stuff in return for blogging it. Of course, the category will be "wink wink nod nod". At remember it's not about who reads your blog, but who reads the blog by the people who read your blog.
Does anyone even go to the Greater Toronto Area Bloggers page anymore? Is it just me or do we seem to have died as a group?
Hey! It's the blog of Robh Ruppel, a guy who used to do D&D covers.
I could just post a bunch of the links found at Wonderland or I could just blog them... and add them to my permalinx.
Did I blog Torontoist already?
Too tired to say much more than, a GTA blog.
P.S. Go SHIFT-Reload marmy.
I don't have any plans to enter the US any time soon but if I did they might read the title to this post (click the permalink) and decide that I must be banned from the US for having opinions they do not like. Oh yeah, Bush is a dick too.
Woo hoo ! ThatEasyLife is back to blogging. Now, Gary, poke your SO to do some more drawrings.
Oh I should be in bed but here we get local comic blogging at He works at The Beguiling, the most impressive and intimidating comic store in the city.
Yay! Energy Fiend, the caffeine blog ! (via powazek)
Make note of this Email to Blog post so I can start using my Blackberry for something again.
Making a note of interest for girl in black because of a fun drunk blogging post.
Rather than gasp at the tons of ads in the new dooce design, I just decided to click some of the ads and give her some money to help raise her family.
Sylloge; old school blogging that i don't remember reading back then but i do remember having on my permalinks.
Once again I feel like reading a post, a post about couple of Anil's opinions of Interestingness (another idea of giving value to things on the web based on their popularity) and the associated rebuttals and then give my own opinions. But, I am just going to link to it instead.
You know, the funny thing about reading a blog by a zombie is that his repetitive kind of self-absorbed posts are what blogging is all about.
OH ! He's that Boy Who Heard Music.
There are lots and lots of words at Matt Webb's Interconnected but I would liek to read some of them.
Oh yeah, that gamer who gave me a pre-read of his adventure blogs at Texas BBQ Pit.
My current main CoH char is based on my blogging persona. My upcoming CoV char will be based on an evil version of my blogging self. Too bad the blog Burnt Toast is already taken.
I am blogging Antipixel purely for the sidelinks of other blogs in Japan.
I would love to do One Movie a Day.
I can see some merit in Jason's Smart toast post.
This is Powazek and it/he redesigned. Its delish of course.
I love running into blogs like GirlHacker's Random Log, which I read religiously back in the day when blogging & work went hand in hand. Too bad I couldn't put it on a resume.
Tags with weight is a concept that has some meaning these days. It's a quick interface way to tell what means more than another thing, whatever that means. For example, looking for work is weighed this way in the web tech world.
OK, call me a cynic but in reading the comments at Whatever: Being Poor, I couldn't help but sneer at the "those are so correct" coming from people with home computers and internet connections.
I added the first permalink in ages and it was due to this string of Toronto night images at Brett Lamb's Blog. Photoblogging, when not by a skilled photographer should be neighbourhoodly like this. But I am not so what do i know.
Well, I suppose if they are going to be a legit weblog the radiohead weblog should look like crap and have next to no postings :)
Why do I think the only one going to make money from ProBlogger is the guy selling ads on the site?
I don't watch reality TV (enough reality in reality for me) but it would be neat to see Cam and his brother compete on The Amazing Race.
You know what I like about Jon's site, other than shots like this Bug ? It's the little detail that the photo ends up in the masthead of the comment box.
Pulled from my archives it's a 20' By 20' Room and it's about RPGing.
Ooo ooo oo, nice new Luminescent look.
I haven't been by Easternblog in a crocodile's age. Nice masthead !! Oh, it's a theme. Still, nice choice... Take a bunch of local bloggers and make sure they blog about what is going on with the city. Pull it under one umbrella of blogging. Here is Toronto but I don't recognise a single one of the people.
Of course, just before I go live I install MT-Blacklist .
Rather than doing a story about only local people, the BBC does a story about a worldwide set of photobloggers, including Toronto's DDOI.
I heard the interview on CBC and here is the Postcards website he said he had.
My Boring Ass Life is Kevin Smith's blog and starts almost every post with "Wake up, have a shit..." *snicker*
Not scary enough not to Moblog
Compare, a Plugin for Movable Type; used in this site.