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Artzy Link Fodder
Nice! Wooster Collective street art.
This DIY Planner is tres pretty and tres cool. I was actually in the middle of planning one myself.
Is Cherry Blossoms for real?!? It's an art project where the artist wore a backpack that reacted to bombings in Baghdad but exploding confetti... in Boston. In Boston. That is once city that doesn't understand art vs bomb references.
Hee !! The Superest, where he draws a superhero that is better than the last superhero. Kinda.
Oh ! He created the minipops, not those annoying kid singers but tiny ickle characters, but he also does Lollipops, no not candy.
In preparation for the main thing I am giving myself for The Big Four Oh -- ten years of re-learning how to draw -- I found out how many (empty) sketchbooks and moleskines I have. Hopefully after the provided period I can look as good as Mattias Inks. (via moleskine project via aaron's delish)
Kewl too. Kozyndan have a livejournal called autobiographical hentai. That name leaves something to be pondered... imagine a manga or anime about your own sexy life. Go ahead. I'll wait.
Whatever happened to people doing the photoshoppy dezine goodness like the bottom images at Nando Costa's other page? I miss that style of the internet.
Nice art from Anna Goodson Management. Well actually, from people with that agency.
Hey! Flickr: Joan Loves Paper and so do I. Photography and collagey goodness. (via monoscope)
Ummm, wow. These Book Autopsies are just fantastic.
Wow. The "hyper realism" of sculpter Ron Mueck is stupendous and more than a little disturbing. And he worked on Labyrinth.
What is this? A teddybear requiring a colostomy bag??
If there is nothing I appreciate, it's the monsters and exploding/farting creatures of Swellzombie's Lair of the Psychic Creature. (via drawn)
Kewl. A blog about strange and disturbing art ("...exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity...") called who killed bambi?
Nice to know that my favourite D&D / Gaming illustrator Claudio Pozas is still around.
I love this current trend of taking a blank slate (often a vinyl toy collectible) and letting designers/artists go wild. For example, The Vader Project is just fucking cool. My favs include the skullie and this disturbing one.
Wooo, I like the Girlmaker flashie. (via sexinart) is a nice drawing / illustration blog that focuses on asian artists.
This is one of those times where I say to myself, "If I had ever actually applied myself and learn to draw properly, I would have learned to draw like this." When I was 12 my mother put me in art class. I was placed with a number of 16 year olds who I automatically saw were better than me. I was very depressed about the competition and asked to not go back. But I still remember the extreme joy of drawing a green plant with ink and pen. I was a stupid kid.
Yes, there are 700 hoboes and they are here as well.
Wow, that is some perty graffiti. I wonder if the city council wants to paint over it??
For the most part, the art of sculpture is stuffy and uninspired. Then you get Strange statues around the world. (via joe, newly of TO)
Kewl. An artist who produces on Smashed Cans.
Now THAT is a sweater. Now while it is pretty tame, if your boss is behind you (Hi Boss !!), it is NSFW.
Oh these are just brilliant. They are dioramas made from classic pulp fiction books by Thomas Allen.
Tee hee, tea he. You would need a lot of room for Mugs for the perfect tea -- 128 tea mugs pantone coloured from beige to brown.
Very very nice steampunk styled photoshopped photography collages done by the the guy i most recently knew as Axl.
Yum. More collagey notebookey art from a local.
Yay, more sketchbooks to look at !! This time it's a local guy by the name of matt hammill.
Klmit was surprisingly not popular until the last few decades. This article asks, "How did the Viennese painter’s prices rise so high so fast?" Easy answer -- all those prints sold to students in the spring time. Man, those print sales were the closest most people got to going to a gallery. I am sure many of them grew up to be wealthy people who wanted to replace the old ratty one from their dorm room.
These snowglobes fascinate the morbid side of me as well as well as the person who loves little diaramics. It's just too bad the site that posted the Snowglobes didn't mention the source of the images.
Umm, they are geeks and they are drawers. Yep.
Yah I knew I would love a website featuring a daily monster. Part of my brain says the inevitable, "I can do that!!" and I have done that. But I don't do that.
My favourite part of the New FooBar Poster is the dancing pair of iPods at the bottom.
He bought expensive art, very expensiveCarved Crayons and then he left them in the sun. At least he didn't leave them with a toddler.
I used to think that being an artist required some great skill at the creative arts like painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. And I used to think that the artists who didn't have those were just wannabe shams. All that from observing an art college. Anywayz, I have changed my mind and I realized that even more important than the skillz required is the ability to think outside the canvas. I love the thought behind the Parking art, especially the japanese one. It's almost as if you, the viewer, would stand in the featureless landscape and look into the attraction parking spot while those parked in the attraction would look out at the featureless landscape.
I think this artist with an inflatable studio to share is an amusing project / artistic endeavour. The question is, " What kind of work are they going to do inside the bubble?" I imagine his work is just having the bubble installed but if their work involved ignoring him in order to get their work done, would he be annoyed?
Slowlydownward is the site of the person who did the artwork on Thom Yorke's The Eraser but also does little writing bits, kind of like the pieces of writing I used to do called vignettes.
Uhhhhh, Shinybinary is a wow site of Photoshop wizardry.
Banksy, that british artsy guy who likes to fuck with people, has altered some Paris Hilton CDs and put them back on the rack.
I like the idea behind art challenge, where she sent out packages of mixed media and asked people to collage it. Neat!
Ooooo, perty paper.
I love this Flickr set Axl's works. My kind of collagey stuff.
I love the illustrations at static Ilesc.
Some really neat vector artwork at SHIMOJO (via yuki)
It doesn't matter if it's cartoony or realistic, I love an swords & sorcery image that can be so evocative of a mood & situation.
There is an RPG of Dan Brereton's Nocturnals?!?! I must have !!
Want to see the sites (mostly blogspot) of a bunch of people doing artsy stuff like sketches, character design, doodles, paintings, etc? Try this list, as well as the owner's blog.
What was I saying about sketchbooks? Oh yeah, Jon Han's sketch book.
I do so when an artist like James Jean allows me to peek at his sketchbook. (via brokenkode)
I used to doodle monsters and if I hadn't quit at 11 maybe I could have been good as the Creatures in my Head.
Holey Moley, these chal drawings look incredible... but only at the right angle.
Wow, my word of the month, is appropo when looking at Dave Werner's Portfolio. My fav was a treasure map of imagination.
Damn, these City of Heroes images at Douglas Shuler's Digital Gallery are pretty good.
It was at the point where I decided to cut out my personal comments from a blog post, that these Link Fodder posts were all I had in me. For example, I saw this link for we*heart*prints and could have come up with a post about liking to support arts, needing more clean wall space, needing a new income bracket to have a house to house art, etc. Instead you got this.
Yay! Mukey collages at Lead Vitamins.
Hey! It's the blog of Robh Ruppel, a guy who used to do D&D covers.
OK, I just love PARK(ing) and it's improv place to sit. I really fucking love this.
I love blogs, personal sites and just plain ol websites that look like sketchbooks.
I had forgotten that Shira sent me this till she popped by the store the other day. It's called AKIMBO and it's a service to promote art, lectures, installations, new media, film, etc. that they consider worth bringing to your attention.
It's nice to know that antigirl is still around and is also found at her Livejournal.
I don't know why but it seems appropriate that I link to Pencil Carving.
Ohmigawds, this Cassette Jam '05 is incredible! All those blank cassettes just waiting to be made into mixtapes.
Yeah I would love to be able to draw like GrantGoBoom and I would have all my D&D characters drawn if I could. The 12 year old boy who had a glass topped desk covered in sketches is still very much alive.
It is Science and the Artist's Book and it's a neat book.
Ooooooo, everyone knows how much I like sketch books / journals, all fat with completion and creative goodness. So look, I found another sent around book.
One would not be surprised if I blogged my admiration of a photo. But why does it seem weird to blog my admiration of a gorgeous sketch ?? p.s. it is so weird that a week later, i am feeling the first intense pain from my eyeball, as the stitche disolve.
OK, it's not really artzy but it's neat. It's blank pasted speech bubbles with the public filling in the rest. (via milo)
It sounds like 1000 Journals but it is about Six Degrees of Smoking; sounds like a tobacco magnate hiding behind art.
I do so love Collages and the mistaken impression of, "I could do that" that it gives me.
Spinach Bomb found me via a post i made in 2002 and updated me to his new sketchblog. neat!
Do you like Furries? Of course you do! So look at an entire gallery of them.
Yes, I Like Drawing ™. No, not me -- him! And on garbage!
It is and it's a portfolio thingy for a pixar character creator.
MakingRoom Magazine, "...a magazine about the process, intention and results of image-making."