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February 2008 Posts

February 29, 2008

Mmmmmm, Madeleines madness. Hint Hint, Marmy.
Those happy Linux users will give you excellent advice like “just grem your snok and VSS to the fnerk with your plotnik.”
This sums up my opinion of modern computing pretty accurately. I guess the best bet is to choose the OS you are most comfortably fixing the problems with.

February 28, 2008

It's titled Blogs can kill brands and it's about how one blogger hoped to damaged the reputation of a car dealership due to a bad experience. But no, it's about more than that, it's about how blogs can actually effect sales and standing in the business world. Unfortunately I think the writer has been drinking the koolaid of how great & powerful blogs are.

There is no doubt that the internet, and blogs specifically, is having an impact on the way people do business. Companies are shilling to popular bloggers and hoping their product will be highlighted on a personal blog, with favourable intent. But how much of a real impact is it having? If you are not selling a product that will make or break on the selling to internet savvy people, does it really matter? Having a thousand bloggers post a good review of your new web toy is likely to have an impact. But 5000 bloggers complaining about a car dealership is not likely to have an impact unless someone at your local news outlet picks it up.

The fact is that in today's world the little person doesn't really have a voice. The days of customer service managers accepting letters of complaint and responding and doing something about it are over, IMO. There are just too many people out there responding to good advertising and they outweigh the revenue lost by losing customers.

My favourite personal annecdote from living in Montreal was when the Raelians (alien sex cult) passed by the Hare Krishna's on Ste Catherine. I was convinced that both groups were looking at each other thinking, "Freaks !!"
How do you shave chocolate for your desserts? This is how.
If I ever really try and drop coffee from my life, maybe I will go for Mana Energy Potions.
These are spectacular !! Someone has photoshopped well known current comics as if they were from the last few decades. My fav is The King of Dreams, a spoof of Sandman, which was a retcon of all those old DC horror comics.
Wow. I love it when something is invented that has not already been covered by scifi in the past 50 years. Such as Electronic tattoo display runs on blood.
Marmy and I watched the first episode of Tin Man from the SciFi network, a re-working of the Wizard of Oz story in steampunk overtones. It was not very good. That seems to be a trend on SciFi. Too bad.
enzyte.jpgYou know those TV equivalent to penis spam? The Enzyte ads about "natural male enhancement" ? Well, finally the creator was found guilty of fraud.

February 27, 2008

I have been saying for years that they will have to make content specifically for small media devices. Even John Stewart commented at the Oscars about watching Lawrence of Arabia on the iPhone and THAT is one of the largest formats. There has to be content that is formated for them.
Really, should Cheeseburger In A Can be category Fooding or Weird Shite??

Nothing like an 18 hour power outage to remind you how dependent you are on a computer connection. Coming home to 7 flights of stairs, no stove, no food, no lights, no HEAT was mild to facing an evening of filling time without internet or TV. Oh the tragedy of not being entertained !! Luckily Marmy and I have a few boardgames, lots of candles and a laptop that had about an hour of iTunes time available.

We played Trivial Pursuit and, as per usual, she won. I finally had an epiphany about why she wins... it's not about how smart she is, while she is a very bright girl, but that she has a low level psychic connection with me. Therefore if I read the answer before she does, she already knows what to say. It also makes 20 questions basically useless -- she went from breadbox to locomotive in 3 questions, "Is it bigger than a train? IS it a train?" It was bad enough when she would broadcast songs into my head and I would find myself humming jingles I hadn't heard in years. But now she is getting stuff out of that morass that is my brain. No wonder she gets pissed at me for no reason; there are dangerous thoughts in there that not even I am aware of.

So the power came on at 5am. Luckily the temperature stayed relatively high for February. Luckily it didn't last longer as there was no food spoilage. But we were forced to eat an entire tub of ice cream -- again, oh the tragedy !!

February 26, 2008

When I was a kid I collected paper money from some "similar to stamp collecting" company from the back of a comic book. I was always amazed at how much more colourful world money was compared to Canadian (colours but essentially one per note) and American (play money green) bills. It seems the US is taking some hints from Canada and adding a bit of colour to it's designs.
I am not sure how I feel about Coke test markets aluminum bottles. One, I don't drink as much Coke as I used to. And, two, while I was always partial to the amount of beverage & the temperature a bottle provided, I think they will only do this to decrease the amount of Coke available for the price of your normal can of Coke.

February 25, 2008

Some thought on re-activating my account in WoW, so I can join Marmy, who has been grinding to 70. These are the thoughts that have already been uttered by everyone else who has ever played WoW, but from my mouth. So that makes it different.

  • I love how the Tauren, the humanoid cows of Azeroth, who are all green / eco friendly still have no problem littering the countryside with dead kitties and doggies and ... big cow lizards. Oh, we care about the environment but in order to further our expertise in knitting leather armour, we will decimate entire populations of beasties and leave their bodies scattered like abandoned rave flyers on Queen W.
  • When trying to avoid said beasties, I find they also litter the countryside like landmines. I don't wanna fight your cantankerous kitty ass !! Just leave me alone like the nice chickens do, OK?
  • Running. Running running running running running. Travel Form cannot happen soon enough.
  • I should love role-playing, I should love flavour text but really, just get on with it. Blah blah blah, kill ten kitties. Blah blah blah, can you walk this over there for me cuz I am a lazy cow -- literally.
  • Speaking of role-playing, what the fuck is the use of RPG servers? Those are the ones where people are supposed to talk in character and actually interact as if they were their characters not 40 year old accountants wearing cow suits. But nooo, everyone is named "WammyMammy" or "FudgePacker" and walks around yammering about leveling and server issues. "What is this level you speak of stranger?"
  • I am playing a bad guy, well at least the Horde is supposed to be bad guys, but considering we are all eco-cows, my enemies are all even-badder-guys. Why cannot I raid annoying human villages or step on puppies? Oh yeah, this is thoughtful "gray areas", not Good vs Evil.

Geez, the escalation of small arms in the world of nerf is getting out of hand. Next thing we will see will have to be a vehicle mounted chain gun. (thanks jer)
I am becoming less and less enamoured with coffee, with a possible delusion that it is responsible for my constant throat and sinus ailments. Gotta blame something. Maybe I just need a coffee reboot.

February 21, 2008

Ever flip through a movie that is running on TV and watch it in bits and pieces but suddenly, with the credits rolling, just sit down and listen to a beautiful song waiting for the credits to reveal who it was? No, just me then...
Snort. Red Shirt. Want.
LMAO. The Be Kind Rewind Trailer... kind of.
One thing that can be said about a big event in Toronto, like the fire yesterday on Queen W -- it brings out the photographers.

February 20, 2008

Vroom !! Vroom !!

A list of things I have DLed lately and enjoyed. Being addicted to fast connections and free things is morally degrading me. I think I will kick puppies next.

  • Doctor Who, seasons one & two, TV -- Marmy wanted to catch up on the episodes we missed while not remembering when it was on CBC. Catching all the missed references to Torchwood are fun.
  • Torchwood, season two, TV -- We are watching these as they become available and enjoying them as much as we did first season. Jack's innuendo and sometimes not-so-much-innuendo still cracks me up.
  • Denno Coil, anime -- a great anime for kids about a cyber world within a cyber world. Kids get glasses in order to see the cyberworld, have cyberpets, call up HUDs, etc. but there seems to be a definite reference that this is only one layer of many.
  • Iron & Wine, music -- I just got the entire collection and I am moving slowly through it with my barely-one-day of use on my iPod. Recharging every day bugs the shite out of me.
  • City and Colour, music -- Ditto as above but not started yet.
  • The Invasion, movie -- Bodysnatchers remake that moves much much quicker than any other version and adds the idea of a quick response when people start acting weird. But the ending flops.
  • The Golden Compass, movie -- An Oscar "for your consideration" copy and really, you don't often notice how they re-do the colour of a movie until you see such a grand scale film. And this was quite grand but unfortunately, like the Narnia movie, fell flat for me. I liked it as elements but as a movie, yawn.
  • Good Luck Chuck, movie -- A whim DL to waste some saturday morning time. There was a decent date movie hidden in this pile of crap, deeply hidden. Why do current comedy movie makers always have to include the What About Mary? crassness in a cute comedy?
  • The Simpson, movie -- DLed but not watched yet; why not?
  • Stargate Atlantis, season 3 -- This show started as my guilty pleasure, as it was not available in Canada. But with Season 3 starting on Space this year, I decided I wanted to catch up and see Season 4. I can safely say this was the "we are settled into it" season for this show, well done and character driven.
  • Stargate Atlantis, season 4 -- Completing season 3 while I was down & out in flu's ville, I began grabbing the current season. All caught up now. I am somewhat disappointed that Dr. Keller is turning out to be another Rodney-wimp. We only need one.
  • Band of Horses, Cease to Begin, music -- One of a handful of bands I am listening to because they played live of MTV Canada. This was the best.
  • Wintersleep, Welcome to the Night Sky, music -- Another MTV Canada band, this time from NS. Not bad but not a favourite.
  • The Gossip, music -- Ditto but not from NS. Pretty damn good but not listened to enough. The danger of non-tangible music.
  • There are more and I will update this when I get the chance...

February 16, 2008

If next year, I say no to the Flu Shot, please kick me in the head.

February 15, 2008

So the nightmare and the cough and churning stomach were just the beginning. I went home soon after that post with intentions on going to bed early. By 9pm I had a fever and took some night-time cold medication. By 1am I was awake with teeth chattering like I had been dipped into the Arctic Ocean. Fever was tres high. Sent in an "i am not making it in" email at 5am after tossing, turning, moaning and suffering delusional dreams -- let's just say what they do to Europe after the events of 28 Weeks Later is not nice. I spent all day with incredible aches & pains and couldn't keep down any food. The fever was at all time highs and Marmy took to calling me Zombie-Boy, as in slow shuffle and moaning, not rage virus fast & angry despite the dream. I honestly have not felt this bad since... well, I don't think I ever did -- maybe waking up from the eye surgery. I slept, when i could sleep, with about 29 layers of blankets but still shivered. My fever broke sometime this afternoon but i couldn't tell as the heat in the bedroom rose due to the bright sun on the dark curtains. it's time to wash this stinky filth child. This was NOT what I intended for our first official Family Day holiday weekend. I will be shuffling about with the strength of a newborn for the next three days.

February 13, 2008

woke up tired and cranky; a hellish TTC ride did nothing to alleviate the situation
tweets jenvetterli. Amen sister, amen. I think my fucking sinus infection is back. AND I woke up last nite at 3am from hellish nightmares about my mom's cancer. I did not go back to sleep. My stomach has been churning all day and the fish they were cooking made my (returned) cough even worse. This morning the subway was going slow enough that we saw people walking beat us to the station.

Ummm, mega expensive pooter bling.
Want !!!

February 12, 2008

Some would call torchwood babiez a chibi version of Torchwood. I would say this is more Tiny Toons. But there is still something disturbing about the pervy Torchwood starring kids.

February 11, 2008

Isn't playing swords & elves as they did it in the disco era just a trifle bit meta, like playing a all-holodeck scenario in a Star Trek game?"
So says Jeff's Gameblog as he talks about DMing a Original D&D (OD&D) game in a style & matter that smacks of The Goode Olde Days, as in the era of D&D when I started playing. Or maybe just before.

But it's the ST reference that had me giggling. That is the ultimate definition of old style RPGing. We were just so into it then, man!! It was not just about the act of playing a role-playing game but the feel of playing a role-playing game, of the brother(sister)hood of gamers. It was the era when you boasted playing a game without ever rolling a single die, before diceless gaming made that redundant. It was when you could play an entire game three levels removed from the rules and purely, deeply in the roleplay. I don't think I will ever be able to recapture that 12 year old player feel again, even if i did play a flavour of OD&D instead of my flavour of 3E.

Photographers go somewhere specific with a shoot in mind. Photobloggers often just wander around shooting whatever catches their eyes. Some call this Photowalking.

Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things you may find interesting."
I don't photowalk as much as I used to. The end of my photoblog's consistent life sort of did this to me. I have tried multiple times to resurrect the sucker but it hasn't held my interest. I just did a slight re-touch of the current design that is holding my attention longer. Hopefully, once live, I will do better and then I will have to resurrect the first version's archives.

February 07, 2008

My coworkers don't read my blog so occasionally i find myself sharing links with them. And once shared, I don't blog it. Such as Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang's Company-Wide Memo Regarding the Microsoft Takeover Bid. Ooops.

Wahhhhh !!! I have to give back the MacBook Pro. Wahhhh !!! I will so miss my baby.

February 06, 2008

I was walking to BlockBuster the other day. My Mom & Pop shop is still too far away. It's post Snow Storm and I see an Old Lady (70 years plus) struggling with a snow shovel. As I walk past, I do the help-not-help-help-not-help talk in my head. But I decide to help. I offer to help her shovel away the piles of slush and ice. She looks at me puzzled and then mentions she likes the exercise. I smile and wander away but I can hear her mumbling to herself, "Do I need help? What do I look like, a fucking invalid? If I need help I will scream for help." No more helping old ladies in Toronto -- I always get burned.

A very well dressed, attractive young lady gets on at stop one. She has an iPod in her ear. At stop two, another attractive, well dressed young lady gets on and recognizes the first girl.

"What are you listening to?"

"Dave, " she answers passing one headphone to her friend. They are not referring to me.

"This is amazing, stupendous, incredible !!" The are still not referring to me.

They then have a lovely conversation about the classical training and elite skill that Dave Navarro has.

I sigh with as much elitist snobbishness as I can muster. And then the conversation gets interesting.

Girl 2 had dinner with a friend where they discussed "ideas". There seemed to be a great focus on proper networking in this social circle. But the dining pair shared gossip as well, revealing that the ex-BF of Girl 2 had not had a date since they broke up.

"I only dated him to get outside of my comfort zone. He was soooo not my type. He just did not accomplish anything. He was the nicest guy but sooooo boring."

Once again, it is affirmed to me that the only way to get ahead in the dating world is to be an asshole. Thank the million gawds I don't have to date.

February 04, 2008

When the pimply 23 year old girl gets into her badly made costume from an american adaption of a bad anime, this girl is who she is trying to emulate. Query. If a girl dresses as a male character is she a transvestite? Query. Is it really cosplay if all you do is put on a bikini? Answer. Only if in the lobby of a Con.
Really, I once again repeat, "The Japanese can be quite odd at times.

February 01, 2008

Laaaa-la-la-la-la-la-la, cake-mari damashi. Yum!
I asked this exact question. Can I Replace Espresso Powder With Espresso? And then I found a Nescafe version.
Every vegan I know is a skinny runt of a person with little energy. Marmy is currently trying out the vegan (eating) lifestyle in order to clean out some of the preservatives, hormones, fat, etc. in her diet. I am only tagging along eating meat when i want but enjoying the changes in meals. But it's good to know that not all vegans are skinny runts.
I think that Guilermo is a decent second choice for The Hobbit.